IShowSpeed and Adin Ross both swatted on livestream

By Olivia Richman


Aug 8, 2022

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Controversial content creator Darren “IShowSpeed” Watkins Jr. was recently swatted while live on stream, ending up in handcuffs.

Esports insider Jake Lucky shared a concerning clip showing three police officers putting IShowSpeed in handcuffs before a stream ended. The cameraman can be heard saying, “They swatted you, bro. They swatted you.”

Eventually, one of the police officers asks the man behind the camera to stop streaming, even pushing the phone away as the officers continue to interrogate IShowSpeed off camera. IShowSpeed can be heard talking with the officers about the situation.

The situation had IShowSpeed’s fans on edge. Some within the streaming community also expressed frustration with how the police handled the situation, stating that forcing them to stop filming is illegal.

Adin Ross swatted on livestream

IShowSpeed’s swatting situation happened extremely soon after his friend, fellow streamer Adin Ross, was also swatted during a gambling stream. Three police officers could be seen searching through Ross’ house with their weapons drawn.

Jake Lucky and others expressed some confusion over the two streamers being swatted so close to one another, especially since Adin Ross had been “swatted” in the past during a fan meetup, which ended up being a prank of some sort. But Ross took to Twitter to confirm that both he and IShowSpeed really had been swatted.

“I’m okay. I appreciate everyone that’s been checking on me, asking me stuff. I’ll obviously update you guys on the full story later on. Traumatizing. It’s scary. It’s what comes with being in this position. We’re still in shock, me and Pami,” Ross said. “I also heard that Speed was hit with a swat attack as well. It’s a sick, cruel world we live in, man. But I appreciate everyone checking up on me. Speed is doing good.”

The streaming community has sent support to Adin Ross and IShowSpeed, showing concern with the amount of swatting happening to streamers as of late. Top streamer Felix “xQc” Lengyel was even forced to move recently to avoid being swatted “daily.”


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