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Is xQc engaged to Fran? xQc relationships explained

By Olivia Richman


Jun 11, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Amidst a ton of drama with his ex-wife, it now seems like Felix “xQc” Lengyel may be actively pursuing an entirely new relationship — and fans are even speculating that he is engaged.

xQc attempted to keep his marriage and divorce private from the public, but snooping fans uncovered court documents that showed xQc was married to Samantha “Adept” Lopez and that she had demanded a massive six-figure settlement after the divorce. The drama has continued, with xQc and Adept clashing online and apparently in-person at a home they are possibly fighting over.

The legal and personal drama has taken a toll on xQc, who couldn’t remain quiet about the situation any longer. But it seems like xQc may also have a new relationship — and it could be serious.

Are xQc and Fran together?

xQc recently opened up about the problems he’s been having with Adept. He called her behavior “super annoying” and claimed he was in a “living nightmare” as she continued to allegedly post photos of them together without his permission and block access to him paying bills.

In the same stream, xQc said that he has a “new girlfriend” but didn’t say a name. While he can’t control what’s been going on behind the scenes, he added that he’s been enjoying his “new timeline.”

While xQc never said a name, former competitive Overwatch player turned streamer (sound familiar?), Fran, recently posted a photo of her kissing xQc in a very romantic setting.

Soon after, possibly to avoid drama, Fran deleted all of her social media profiles. But she’s returned to Instagram and kept the photo of the two kissing. It’s currently her most recent photo, featuring her and xQc locking lips in front of an influencer-worthy flower display. The photo has over 11,000 likes and limited comments turned on.

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xQc has also shared some pictures of his own, although they aren’t as explicit. On Twitter, xQc uploaded a photo of him laying in bed with a woman, who wasn’t fully in frame. But nosy fans immediately noticed that her hand jewelry matched the same rings that Fran was wearing in her Instagram story that same day.

Due to the nature of the romantic photographs, many are now wondering if xQc and Fran are engaged. This has not been confirmed, however. xQc has not even officially confirmed his relationship, clearly trying to keep the details a secret as the drama with his ex-wife continues.