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xQc drama with Adept results in police coming to his house

By Olivia Richman


Jun 9, 2023

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Felix “xQc” Lengyel had to abruptly end a stream when police showed up at his house — again.

It’s no secret at this point that xQc is going through a lot of drama — both legal and personal — with his ex-wife Samantha “Adept” Lopez. After the two split, a court document leaked that showed that Adept was asking for financial compensation, and the two have continued to antagonize each other out of court as well.

In the latest bout of drama, xQc has been dealing with the police multiple days in a row.

Why were the police at xQc’s house?

On June 7, xQc shared a video on Twitter where he gave a tongue-in-cheek house tour. At the end of the video, xQc reveals that there are police officers standing outside. He thanks the officer for “helping out,” but it’s unclear why the police are there to begin with.

“I love owning a nice house and being able to live in it peacefully,” xQc sarcastically tweeted.

According to nosier fans in the comments, xQc and Adept are currently in a legal battle over the home. A document states that police originally responded to a “burglary in progress” but arrived on the scene to discover that it was just tension between Adept and xQc, who both currently are allowed to stay in the home. At the time of the video, Adept was refusing to leave the home, according to the police records, despite some suspicious activity in the neighborhood.

“There’s a reason everything is being posted in such a cryptic way. Cars were going around the house, neighbors told me. Then I got a call, pleading for me to be there for ‘safety.’ Like a b—, I caved in and slept in my own bed. Pics taken while I’m still sleeping. Fun times,” xQc tweeted, referencing photos that Adept had shared on Instagram.

The photos show Adept and xQc together, allegedly taken while he was asleep. Fans believe that the two may have slept together while others think that Adept just wanted to use the photos to get back at him in court. Either way, fans have continued to urge xQc to stop interacting with her.

xQc and Adept police documents

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the end of the drama. The next day, xQc told fans that law enforcement had shown up again. He seemed quite agitated as he attempted to watch the Summer Game Fest.

“Dude, the police are at my other f—ing house again. I don’t give a f—. I’m not doing anything. I don’t care what happens anymore. I don’t give a f— anymore,” xQc ranted.

The back and forth between xQc and Adept has clearly exhausted him. xQc has also recently claimed that Adept stole his baby pictures and other memories from his home. It’s currently not confirmed if Adept is the reason behind the police cars or if she has taken things from him, but the situation is clearly getting out of hand either way.


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