Trainwrecks gambling

Is Trainwrecks in debt from gambling streams?

By Olivia Richman


Mar 28, 2023

Reading time: 3 min

Tyler “Trainwrecks” Niknam has become known for his gambling streams, which is why he recently moved to Kick after Twitch banned most gambling-related activity. But even his own fans have become a bit concerned with just how much Trainwrecks has been losing while doing his gambling streams.

Trainwrecks started as a gaming streamer that liked to push the boundaries when it came to his commentary and jokes. But as Just Chatting started taking off, Trainwrecks started using his platform to connect with his audience through motivational speeches and humorous skits. His outspoken nature has gotten him in trouble within the streaming community, however, especially when it came to complaining about hot tub streamers.

The streamer had his biggest success on Twitch, however, when he started streaming slots.

Trainwrecks gambling

How much does Trainwrecks lose on slots?

Trainwrecks started gambling quite heavily in 2021, thanks to the growth of online crypto casinos sponsoring streamers. He joined other streamers like Felix “xQc” Lengyel in getting sponsored by and even moved to Canada to do so.

Trainwrecks would often stream for 20 to 40 hours during the lockdown, playing slots the majority of the time. He will often make $1,000 bets or greater each time, equaling millions of dollars per stream. He tweeted that he lost over 50 pounds during that time and had to take a break from streaming due to the stress it caused him.

He had wagered $1 billion by October 2021.

In September of 2022, Trainwrecks said he wagered $1.2 billion on one game alone, Wanted Dead or a Wild. He’s won millions of dollars during these streams, which has made young streamers believe he was making bank. But Trainwrecks admitted to a fan that he was down $12.9 million, losing $22.9 million in just nine months.

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At this point, Trainwrecks was losing over $10 million during one stream multiple times. YouTuber Turkey Tom calculated that the amount of crypto Trainwrecks lost during that time period was equal to needing $35 million to break even.

To make up for the tens of millions he’s lost, Trainwrecks started gambling off stream in hopes of getting his money back.

“It’s not a way to get rich quick,” Trainwrecks warned his young followers. “Do not gamble. Do not even try. Gambling is literally for the f—ing rich to get a high. I promise you, if you gamble you will find yourself in an even shittier place you didn’t think existed.”

Concerned viewers have asked Trainwrecks to stop gambling and urged him to play video games again, like how he used to. The streamer has always argued back against these fans, claiming that his bank account is fine and calling his fans “broke.” Others in the streaming community are just frustrated that Trainwrecks seems to be convincing young viewers to gamble despite him warning his fans that they will lose if they gamble.

It’s unclear just how much of his own money Trainwrecks uses when he gambles, and we’ll never know the extent to which he actually has lost to slots. But it’s safe to say that it’s a lot.