Is Toast going pro in Valorant? Dapr interested in joining team

Fariha Bhatti • November 2, 2022 11:56 am

Popular Twitch streamer and OfflineTV member Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang is considering going pro in Valorant, but he wants the cream of the crop on his team.

Valorant esports is at its pinnacle in 2022. Riot Games has announced a separate off-season when exciting third-party tournaments would occur, but professional teams also use this time for roster swaps. Plenty of top Valorant players are waiting to be picked and Disguised Toast is on the hunt for the best. At least that’s what his tweet said.

Toast’s content isn’t centered on pranks, but this tweet could be a joke. However, Valorant pros have voiced interest in joining the popular streamer.

Disguised Toast is looking for top Valorant pro players

Numerous pros, including Michael “dapr” Gulino, Sam “s0m” Oh and Matthew “Wedid” Suchan, responded, asking to be on the team. Toast also got plenty of coaches in his comment sections and community members extending helping hands to put together a roster.

It’s safe to say that Toast can quickly whip up an excellent squad before VCT 2023 kicks off if he wants. But, it needs to be seen whether he was joking or actually considering competitive Valorant.

Skill-wise, Toast is far from the interested pros in his comment section. The Amigops member has peaked at Diamond rank in Valorant, which is relatively high but not good enough to compete professionally. However, it’d be unfair to overlook Toast’s Valorant pro career achievements. The streamer won the OfflineTV Charity Valorant Tournament in 2021 with a stellar performance. So, he has enough potential to practice alongside the top players.

Valorant has plenty of side tournaments coming up where Toast could partake alongside his new team if he’s serious. But only time will tell. So far, the response to Toast’s tweet has been overwhelming, as fans urge him to go pro. It’ll be interesting to see if the streamer actually enters Valorant’s pro circuit.


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