Is Sodapoppin racist? His family wonders after Twitch ban

By Olivia Richman


Apr 29, 2022

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Chance “Sodapoppin” Morris returned to Twitch earlier this week after a two-week suspension from the platform for a controversial clip gone viral.

During a stream earlier in April, Sodapoppin started painting a character’s face dark brown while saying “blackface” out loud. He then proceeded to add large lips, causing his viewers to become uncomfortable. Despite the buzzing chat, Sodapoppin didn’t seem aware of the uproar he was being given.

Twitch ended up banning Sodapoppin, leading to an apology from the streamer. On Reddit, Sodapoppin explained that he isn’t “edgy” enough to be purposefully racist. He added that he was trying to make the face look like Mr. Potato Head, which some found to be a questionable explanation, followed by the addition of lips meant to just be an “overexaggerated smile.”

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“My brain isn’t really thinking past that while streaming. I’m just trying to paint a potato. In hindsight, I see how that it’s like an extreme blackface. I didn’t mean for it to get racist sounding/looking as it did,” Sodapoppin said.

Sodapoppin was unbanned on April 28. He spent his first stream back explaining the ban further, noting some backlash he received beyond the suspension.

Sodapoppin admits to family drama following Twitch suspension

According to Sodapoppin, the clip didn’t just rile up viewers. His own family has found the moment shocking as well. Sodapoppin told fans that he had family members wondering amongst each other if he’s racist.

“That does piss me off,” Sodapoppin said.

Sodapoppin said he has watched the clip since and agrees that he deserves the ban. But the backlash from his own family has frustrated him. He said that some family members reached out to his brother to ask about the clip.

Meanwhile, fans have questioned if Sodapoppin is just “stupid” for not seeing the issue with the clip while the stream was happening live. This hasn’t bothered Sodapoppin as much, actually leading him to laugh about it during his live stream.

Sodapoppin is no stranger to controversy, whether it’s breaking Twitch’s guidelines on sexual content or flooding hotel rooms. But this latest bout was probably a little more controversial than even he would like.


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