Captain Marvel canceled

Is Captain Marvel 3 canceled?

By Olivia Richman


Mar 17, 2024

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Superhero fatigue may finally be impacting Marvel Studios as Disney announces three movie cancelations.

It’s been reported that Marvel Studios is canceling three previously announced MCU sequels due to cost cuts from Disney. Rumors from industry insiders state that the sequels to Eternals, Ant-Man, and Captain Marvel are all getting canned.

Why are MCU movies getting canceled?

Disney CEO Bob Iger recently confirmed that the company was cutting costs to reduce Marvel output. According to Daniel Richtman, Disney is hoping to avoid “risks” and focus more on films that are guaranteed hits at the box office.

This is a bit of a different view from Disney since before it felt like MCU movies were being cranked out at rapid pace despite many movies underperforming. But recently, The Marvels only made $206 million worldwide despite costing $275 million to make, making it the lowest-grossing film in the MCU. It looks like Disney is finally realizing that Marvel movies aren’t instant as Phase 5 continues to roll out.

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As a result, some of the more controversial superheroes are getting the boot. Captain Marvel was a highly critiqued film that many called out for being “woke.” This may or may not be the case but the box office performance reflected this negative feedback. Ant-Man 3 was another letdown for Marvel and Eternals was reviewed very harshly, with critics calling it boring, overstuffed, vacant, and just overall tedious.

With Captain Marvel, Ant-Man, and the Eternals not guaranteed to make a lot of dough, Disney is looking to focus on other films. For now, it appears these movies are, indeed, canceled.