Breaking Bad Fortnite

Is Breaking Bad coming to Fortnite? More crossovers may come

By Olivia Richman


Aug 21, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

With crossovers continuing to be a hugely popular way to market games, publisher Epic Games is looking to bring even more of them to Fortnite. Breaking Bad and other popular properties may be coming next to Fortnite if a new survey is any indication.

Fortnite is no stranger to crossovers. In 2022 alone the battle royale has seen Darth Vader, Goku, and Indiana Jones. It now looks like Epic Games is considering ideas for its next season, which is set to release in September 2022. To get a better idea of which crossovers to pursue, Epic has apparently turned to its fans for inspiration.

What crossovers are coming next to Fortnite?

Prominent Fortnite leaker HYPEX took to Twitter to reveal some information about a recent survey sent out by Epic Games. The survey included such categories as celebrities, television shows, and video game characters, asking participants to gauge their interest in each mentioned property.

According to HYPEX, some of the more interesting mentions include Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, Black Adam, Miles Morales, Dead by Daylight, and even Breaking Bad.

Of course, characters being mentioned in a survey don’t necessarily mean they will show up in Fortnite’s next season – or at all. But HYPEX pointed out that these were clearly characters that Epic had its eyes on and that they were looking for feedback for a reason. So while the crossovers may never happen, Epic has at least seriously considered these characters and is wanting to gauge interest.

Even if this is all just speculation, it’s not out of this world to think that Fortnite may have a Breaking Bad crossover. Other popular television shows and movies have made an appearance in Fortnite over the years, including IT, Stranger Things, John Wick, and similarly mature shows. So Breaking Bad is not out of the question.