Andrew Tate

Is Andrew Tate innocent? Tate requesting release due to children, health concerns

By Olivia Richman


Jan 10, 2023

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It’s been a pretty rough few days for Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan. After getting into an internet beef with activist Greta Thunberg, Tate accidentally revealed his location and was arrested as part of a human trafficking investigation. But is Andrew Tate guilty?

Tate was arrested along with three other men that were accused of being part of a human trafficking ring, with accusations claiming that Tate brought women to Romania under false pretenses only to have them do sex work from his home. Tate reportedly admitted that he moved to Romania due to the country’s lax laws revolving around rape.

Now, Tate is being detained for 30 days as the investigation continues. His lawyer, however, is looking to appeal this month-long detention.

Why was Andrew Tate in court?

On January 10, Tate went to Bucharest’s court of appeal in hopes of getting out of the 30-day detention. Tate and his brother were in court for about five hours and then returned to detention. They left the building in handcuffs.

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During that time in court, however, the brothers argued that they had children who needed to be taken care of. In a previous live stream, Andrew Tate claimed that he has many children from different women. He has claimed in the past that all of his children “adore” him.

Tate also cited his health concern as another reason he should be freed. His team of lawyers explained that he could not receive the care he needed if he remained in custody.

For now, Tate is waiting for the court to make a decision. It’s expected to come later today. If the appeal goes through, Tate will be able to go home, but he may be placed under house arrest. If the appeal isn’t successful, prosecutors can then request a detention of up to 180 days.

While Tate and his fans have continued to reiterate that he’s innocent, multiple victims of sex trafficking, rape, and abuse have come out to speak against Tate. For now, the investigation into Tate’s connections to the trafficking is ongoing.