Ion 2.0 Valorant

Ion 2.0 is happening, leakers reveal sought-after Valorant skins

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 13, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Buckle up, agents! Ion 2.0 is coming to Valorant after solid demand from the players. 

Released in November 2020, the iconic Ion collection completes two years in Valorant in a month. In this duration, the stark white guns have slid into inventories of dedicated Valorant skin collectors. It’s pretty hard to ignore Ion’s sharp blue crystal ball encrusted in the middle of a plain white body. In no time, Ion became one of the heavily sought-after skin bundles in Valorant, prompting players to ask for more. 

It seems Riot Games has finally heard what players want, as leakers suggest Ion 2.0 as the next act’s primary bundle. 

A clean image is yet to be seen, but the blurry art is enough to drop fans’ jaws. The leaked image is likely from the embryonic development stages, as the absence of the blue ball suggests. However, some players are concerned that it could be the final image, and Riot might be getting rid of the signature disco ball in the second iteration of Ion. Only time will tell if Ion 2.0 is a copy of the original gun or if it brings its own gimmick.  

Decked with blue electric veins, new Ion 2.0 skins look promising. But, players are fixated on the tiny knife, which appears to be a Karambit. Valorant’s melee weapons are creative, but Karambit’s demand remains unmatched. 

The previous Ion bundle featured Phantom at the center, so Vandal players always felt a bit left out. The new collection will bring a stark white Vandal for the one-tap heroes. Here are all the guns that come in Ion 2.0 skin. 

  • Ares
  • Vandal 
  • Specter
  • Frenzy
  • Karambit 

The exact price tag of Ion 2.0 isn’t known, but it’d likely fall somewhere between 7000-7,100 Valorant points. Additionally, each gun will be priced at 1,775 VP, whereas melee will set you 3,550 VP back. 

When is Ion 2.0 release date? 

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Riot Games or leakers haven’t yet revealed Ion 2.0’s release date, but players should expect the new bundle to enter their stores around 18th October, along with Harbor and patch 5.08 updates