indiefoxx reveals reason behind her permanent ban from Twitch

Olivia Richman • November 8, 2022 7:01 pm

Content creator Jenelle “indiefoxx” Dagres was constantly in the news and on r/LiveStreamFails for receiving ban after ban from Twitch. Not many were shocked when she was permanently banned from Twitch, but it wasn’t exactly clear what led to the permaban. Until now.

indiefoxx was becoming pretty popular on Twitch thanks to the rise of hot tub streaming and Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa paving the way for other controversial trends like ASMR and yoga pants. She was banned a total of six times in 2021, eventually leading to a permanent ban that ended her growth on the platform.

It has since been over a year with no explanation for this serious punishment, leaving fans of the adult content creator confused. Now, indiefoxx has decided to share what exactly happened.

Why was indiefoxx permanently banned on Twitch?

indiefoxx recently appeared on the No Jumper podcast to explain what happened on Twitch. She revealed that she actually had a wardrobe malfunction that Twitch felt was the final straw.

During an ASMR stream, while wearing yoga pants of course, indiefoxx admitted that she ended up with a “camel toe.” To hide it, indiefoxx attempted to stuff it with toilet paper. Unfortunately, the toilet paper was moved to the side, making it look like she had a penis, she said.

indiefoxx didn’t seem to agree with Twitch’s decision to ban her over an accidental wardrobe slip-up.

“I tried to cover it up. If I was an employee of a company and they fired me because of my outfit, that would be an HR situation,” indiefoxx added.

After she was permanently banned, indiefoxx attempted to have her account restored. Twitch wasn’t having it.

Is JenFoxxUwU actually indiefoxx?

Since the Twitch incident, indiefoxx changed her name to JenFoxxUwU. While she may not be streaming, she now makes the majority of her money on OnlyFans. She always made more money on OnlyFans anyway, similarly to Amouranth.


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