CSGO map Breach

Iconic door stuck meme included on new CSGO map Breach

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 22, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Valve is well aware of the most popular community memes surrounding its games, as a cheeky easter egg in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive map Breach shows. 

CSGO is one of the oldest first-person shooters out there and has always been about shooting and strategizing, making it a go-to FPS for its dedicated players. It has few frills attached, yet players continue to find new ways to play it. 10 years after the release, the CSGO community has developed a great many jokes and memes attached to the game, and it turns out that Valve is more in touch with its community than it gets credit for. New CSGO map Breach has a whole bookshelf dedicated to memes created by the game’s fans. 

Valve mentions Source 2 in CSGO map Breach

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Source 2 is one of the most discussed topics in the CSGO community. Whether CSGO would get ported to the successor to 2004’s Source engine remains a top mystery. The port still hasn’t happened, but the players were blessed with an evergreen meme. The bookshelf on Breach’s upstairs features numerous references, including a book dubbed Source 2. 

The shelf also featured a cheeky jab at Valve’s map-making. The developer has designed tons of locations over the years, but players continue to find faults. “How to make a s—– map” is common phrase players have grown to love.

While all books would put a smile on a dedicated CSGO player’s face, the stuck door meme garnered the most attention. 

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Stuck doors have existed in the Counter-Strike franchise for as long as the series itself. It was first encountered by casual players in the original Counter-Strike. Since then, it has become a popular meme in the community, becoming equally famous among CSGO players. A grey book tilted between two others is dubbed “door stuck.”

The Breach bookshelf is Valve’s way of immortalizing iconic moments and memes in CSGO. Players can take a look at the books by loading Breach and going upstairs where the bookshelf is placed. 

What happened to the Door Stuck video?

According to the creator of the Door Stuck video, copyright trolls have hijacked the video, effectively stealing all revenue from it. This pushed KinetiK001 to say that he’s considering removing the footage to avoid it from being abused. 

For now, the Door Stuck video continues to exist.