Iconic Door Stuck meme video may be deleted for bogus reasons

By Steven Rondina


Aug 2, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

One of the most popular memes in Counter-Strike’s 20-year history may soon be scrubbed off of YouTube with the “Door Stuck” video at the center of copyright issues.

Door Stuck is a beloved meme in CS circles. The video shows two players on ESEA servers in the original Counter-Strike trolling one another. One is spamming voice chat with the lyrics to Snoop Dogg’s “Drop It Like It’s Hot” while the other follows them swinging their knife. Eventually, the wannabe rapper gets pinned between a door and his teammate and shouts about being unable to move. As enemies move in, he screams “door stuck” before both he and his teammate get killed in hilarious fashion.

The video is 14 years old at this point and has been viewed 24 million times. The bug that caused it actually still exists to this day. It’s likely the most iconic meme in CSGO, but it’s potentially set to go away forever. The creator of the video has revealed why.

What is happening to the “Door Stuck” Counter-Strike video?

According to the creator of the Door Stuck Counter-Strike video, copyright trolls have effectively hijacked the video. Door Stuck creator KinetiK001 released the second YouTube video in his channel’s career to discuss the matter.

KinetiK001 stated that the issue started on his YouTube channel due to his unmonetized uploading of copyrighted music. He states this was a workaround at the time to deal with the poor quality of other streaming services like Spotify at the time. He has since scrubbed everything off his channel except the Door Stuck video, but hasn’t been able to get back into YouTube’s monetization system.

“I reapplied and then what’s crazy is that I got the same response back that quote, my channel reuses someone else’s content without providing anything of significant value or whatever which makes no sense…So I submitted a video appeal…and then they gave me a decision back that I didn’t show enough of my creative process to prove that it was my video,” KinetiK001 said.

Making matters worse, a copyright fraudster has since claimed the video and is effectively stealing all revenue from it. This pushed KinetiK001 to say that he’d rather delete the video than let a copyright abuser take control of it.

Fans have taken to social media to vent their frustration, with #SaveDoorStuck trending as a result. So far, it’s unclear if things will be resolved.

Copyright frauds are individuals who place bogus copyright claims on other individuals’ YouTube videos to either siphon away ad revenue or attempt to take down their channel.

While it’s an egregious abuse of YouTube’s copyright system, it has proven to be a very effective means of stealing money and harassing content creators. Because YouTube’s system is almost entirely automated and is designed to discourage users from challenging claims, it’s very easy to abuse. Changes were made in 2019 to try and combat this, but it has done little to change things.