Dream mask

“Constant state of paranoia”: Dream on return of the mask

By Olivia Richman


Jul 10, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Minecraft streamer Dream recently took back his infamous face reveal and is now donning the mask again. But in a recent interview, Dream said he doesn’t regret showing the world his face.

Dream is known for his Minecraft speed runs (as well as cheating allegations) but he is just as well known for his smiley face mask. In the fall of 2022 after much teasing, Dream finally showed the world his face in a YouTube video that’s now been deleted.

In response to his vulnerable decision, Dream said he’s been facing a massive amount of trolling and bullying. He decided to put his mask back on to stop making his face the topic of discussion and go back to good old fashioned gaming.

Dream explains why he’s wearing the mask again

After deciding to wear his mask forever once again, Dream was featured in an interview with Colin & Samir. During the interview, the Minecraft speedrunner explained why he doesn’t regret showing his face despite the backlash and taunting that came with it.

“I definitely don’t regret the face reveal. I feel, to me, it’s like in order to live my life, I feel like I had to do the face reveal,” he explained. “I was in this constant state of paranoia. My life is way better.”

Dream did add, however, that he’d maybe do things “slightly differently” if done again. Still, he’s relieved to go back to wearing a mask, which allows him to be someone without a specific identity, similar to a superhero.

Dream has taken down a lot of his IRL content that shows his face. Despite going back to his masked state, Dream said he still plans to do music and tell his story. He will also be attending VidCon and other big events, but he’ll be wearing a mask.

Meanwhile, Dream now has to live his life differently. He gets recognized a lot at this point, but luckily, nothing bad has happened in public. Dream did admit, however, that he’s been swatted, as well as his friends and family. This, of course, was the price he paid for showing his identity.

“For now, I wanted to solidify that I’m being serious. I’m fine with being Clay and Dream. But when I’m Dream, I’m Dream. Anyone can be Dream. When Spider-Man is Spider-Man, he’s Spider-Man, not Peter Parker. I wanted to bring that back,” he said.