VelKoz in TFT Set 8

All the TFT origins and units in Monsters Attack

By Nicholas James


Nov 17, 2022

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The new Teamfight Tactics set is out on the Public Beta Environment. Here’s a full list of the TFT origins and units to help you assemble a composition to save or raze Spatulopolis.

The new Teamfight Tactics set has arrived on League of Legends’ PBE, where hundreds of thousands of players are queueing up to get a taste of the latest iteration of the Runeterra-themed auto battler. Here’s every origin and unit in the set so you can build teams more easily and enjoy the new set.


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A.D.M.I.N is a brand new archetype for TFT origins, which lets you select the function, in Causes and Effects, from one of three offered options at each breakpoint. Causes are when the trait gives its benefits, with Effects being the bonuses granted.

The A.D.M.I.N champions are very flexible and can adapt to different playstyles depending on what you choose. Each A.D.M.I.N trait choice will offer you a choice between three randomly paired causes and effects.

Admin Benefits

  • 2 – chosen A.D.M.I.N Cause and Effect
  • 4 – choose another A.D.M.I.N bonus
  • 6 – benefits from previous A.D.M.I.N tiers increased by %160

Admin causes

  • At the start of combat, A.D.M.I.N champions X
  • Every five seconds, A.D.M.I.N champions
  • On cast
  • At start of combat, your team
  • Every five seconds, your team
  • On enemy death
  • Upon dropping below 40% health


  • Heal
  • Gain permanent maximum health
  • Chance to drop gold
  • Stacking AD
  • Stacking AP
  • Gain mana
  • Gain a shield

Admin Champions

  • Blitzcrank – 1-cost Brawler
  • Camille – 2-cost Renegade
  • Leblance – 3-cost Spellslinger, Hacker
  • Soraka – 4-cost Heart

Anima Squad

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Anima Squad is a new trait based on the Anima Squad skin line from League of Legends. Anima Squad is a straightforwards composition that gains permanent bonuses as the match progresses, rewarding committed Anima Squad players.

Anima Squad Benefits

When an Anima Squad champion kills a champion, the Anima Squad member pauses to celebrate and the Anima Squad gains a stack of fame. Anima squad champions gain bonus AD and AP as well as maximum health based off your fame stacks

  • 3 – 20% AD and 20 AP
  • 5 – 40% AD and 40 AP
  • 7 – 99% AD and 99 AP

Anima Squad Champions

  • Nasus – 1-cost Mascot
  • Sylas – 1-cost Renegade
  • Jinx – 2-cost Prankster
  • Riven – 3-cost Brawler, Defender
  • Vayne – 3-cost Recon Duelist
  • Miss Fortune – 4-cost Ace


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Arsenal is the unique trait belonging to Aphelios, who has three weapons that players can select from when placing Aphelios on the board. One is an AoE flamethrower blast best for widespread damage, one is an area stun best for locking down big groups of enemies, and the last is a targeted chunk of damage that blows up squishy threats.

If you’re not happy with the weapon Aphelios is using, just move him onto your bench and back out and you’ll be able to choose again.

Arsenal Benefits

  • 1 – Choose a weapon for Aphelios


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Civilian is a support trait meant to enable the rest of your team into casting their abilities faster.

Civilian Bonus

Your team gains bonus mana every 2 seconds for each Civilian alive.

  • 1 – +2 Mana
  • 2 – +4 Mana
  • 3 – +7 Mana
  • Galio – 1-cost Mascot
  • Sivir – 2-cost Sureshot
  • Janna – 5-cost Forecaster, Spellslinger


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Gadgeteens create powerful versions of items that fall apart between rounds of combat. These can be equipped to non-Gadgeteen and Gadgeteen champions alike.

Gadgeteen Bonus

3 – Create 1 item every player combat

5 – Create 2 items every player combat

Gadgeteer Champions

Lulu – 1-cost Heart

Poppy – 1-cost Defender

Annie – 2-cost Ox Force Spellsliner

Zoe – 3-cost Hacker Prankster


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LaserCorps is a trait that powers up units as more and more of your team die, super-charging individual members or spreading out the damage if you can keep them alive.

Laser Corp benefits

Each LaserCorps champion has a combat drone that sticks with them. Whenever they attack or are hit by attacks, their drone has a 50% chance to deal damage to their target with an 0.5 second cooldown. When a LaserCorps member dies, their drone is added to the drones of the nearest LaserCorps agent.

  • 3 – Drones deal 50 magic damage
  • 6 – Drones deal 150 magic damage
  • 9 – Drones deal 210 damage and each agent gets two drones to start

LaserCorps Champions

  • Renekton – 1-cost Bruiser
  • Ashe – 1-cost Duelist
  • Yasuo – 2-cost Duelist
  • Senna – 3-cost Sureshot
  • Sejuani – 4-cost Bruiser
  • Zed – 4-Cost Hacker Duelist
  • Mordekaiser – 5-cost Ace

Mecha: PRIME

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Inspired by Dragonmancers from last set, Mecha: PRIME is all about selecting one champion who will become a literally enormous threat and planning around that.

Mecha: PRIME Benefits

Use the Mecha Selector to designate a champion as the Prime Mecha. At combat start, the Prime Mecha combines with the two nearest Mecha units, absorbing 110% of their total health into its own.

  • 3 – the Prime Mecha gains 50 AP and 70% AD
  • 5 – All Mecha units gain 35 AP and 50% AD, the Prime Mecha gets double these bonuses.

Mecha: PRIME Champions

  • Wukong – 1-cost Defender
  • Draven – 2-cost Ace
  • Jax – 3-cost Bruiser
  • Sett – 4-cost Defender
  • Leona – 5-cost Renegade Aegis

Ox Force

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Ox Force is a team that presents possible threats from every unit, with a powerful leader in the 5-cost slot who can destroy teams all on his own.

Ox Force benefits

Ox Force champions gain attack speed as they lose health. Once per combat when they would die, instead they go invulnerable for 1.5 seconds and keep fighting before dying.

  • 2 – 10-30% Attack Speed
  • 4 – 40-80% Attack Speed
  • 6 – 90-180% Attack Speed

Ox Force champions

  • Talon – 1-cost Renegade
  • Annie – 2-cost Spellslinger Gadgeteen
  • Fiora – 2-cost Duelist
  • Alistar – 3-cost Aegis Mascot
  • Viego – 4-cost Renegade

Star Guardians

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Star Guardians are back in the list of TFT origins for the new set, and they’ve brought a new trait bonus with them.

Star Guardian Bonus

Star Guardians get bonus mana from all sources, be that items, auto-attacking, or other traits like Civilian.

  • 3 – 40% additional mana
  • 5 – 70% additional mana
  • 7 – 100% additional mana
  • 9 – 150% additional mana

Star Guardian Champions

  • Lux – 1-cost Spellslinger
  • Rell – 2-cost Defender
  • Yuumi – 2-cost Heart Mascot
  • Kai’Sa – 3-cost Recon
  • Nilah – 3-cost Duelist
  • Ekko – 4-cost Aegis Prankster
  • Taliyah – 4-cost Spellslinger
  • Syndra – 5-cost Heart


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Supers are the classic superheroes of Spatulopolis, though they are few and far between.

Supers Benefits

  • 3 – Combat start: grant your team 20% bonus damage, which increases by 6% for each 3-star unit on your team.

Supers Champions

  • Gangplank – 1-cost Duelist
  • Lee Sin – 2-cost Heart Brawler
  • Malphite – 2-cost Mascot


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Threat are a brand new type of trait in Teamfight Tactics, because it doesn’t do anything. Threat champions have no other traits, except Fiddlesticks, who has a unique trait. In order This makes them great options for wearing Emblems and slotting them into other compositions, adding stats and bonuses

Threat Champions

  • Cho’Gath – 3-cost
  • Rammus – 3-cost
  • Vel’Koz – 3-cost
  • Bel’Veth – 4-cost
  • Zac – 4-cost
  • Fiddlesticks – 5-cost Corrupted


Underground is a brand-new economy-focused addition to TFT origins that relies on the player’s ability to estimate how long they have left to live in the game as they crack into vaults filled with rewards.

Underground Benefits

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Every player combat, Underground champions crack the locks on valuable safes. Every 9 locks that you crack, you are offered an increasingly powerful payout. Each time, you’re given the option to take the reward and reset your lock count or keep going for some of the most powerful payouts in the game.

  • 3 – Crack one vault lock for a player combat win, three locks for a loss.
  • 5 – Crack two vault locks for a player combat win, five locks for a loss.

Underground Champions

  • Kayle – 1-cost Duelist
  • Ezreal – 2-cost Recon
  • Vi – 2-cost Aegis Brawler
  • Sona – 3-cost Heart Spellslinger
  • Samira – 4-cost Sureshot Ace

That’s all the TFT origins and units in Monsters attack. If you want to know what all the secondary traits, or Classes, mentioned here do, check out our TFT Set 8 Classes guide.


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