How to watch Worlds 2023

By Melany Moncada


Oct 8, 2023

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Worlds 2023 officially starts on October 9 and here is how to watch the event to make the most of it.

The Worlds 2023 Pass is not the only way to earn rewards during the event. Being a dedicated viewer has its advantages if you know how and where to watch.

Worlds 2023 can be enjoyed on different platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Afreeca, and many more regional options. The event will be available in different languages, making the experience more accessible to fans from every region.

Where to watch Worlds 2023

The best option to watch Worlds 2023 is through LoL Esports’ official website.

On this website, fans will find an embedded broadcast. There, fans can pick between their preferred platform, like YouTube and Twitch, and their preferred language.

LoL Esports website makes it easier to find the perfect viewing option but that is not the only advantage. Watching through the LoL Esports website will enable the event drops.

What are the Worlds 2023 drops?

The Worlds 2023 are rewards for watching the event through LoL Esports’ website.

Every time an important play takes place, all viewers will receive a drop. These drops include event-exclusive icons and emotes.

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The drop will show on the screen as a card. All rewards earned will be shown on the Rewards tab on the website. The drops will transfer automatically to the game, no further action is necessary.

How to watch Worlds 2023

To access the drops, players must log in on LoL Esports’ website using their Riot Games account.

The drops are not limited to one region. All Riot Games accounts, regardless of the region, will access the same rewards.

If the drops are not showing, go to the Rewards tab and select the “opt out of rewards” option. Then select to receive rewards again and the issue should be fixed.


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