The best picks for Worlds 2023 Play-In Pick’Ems

By Nicholas James


Oct 4, 2023

Reading time: 1 min

Worlds 2023 Play-In Stage is nearly upon us, so here are our best Worlds 2023 Pick ‘Ems for the Play-In Stage and Worlds Qualifier Series.

The format of Worlds has changed this year, and that means Pick’Ems have too. As always, there are some amazing prizes if you have a perfect Worlds prediction record, and bragging rights if you best your friends. Hopefully, we’re here to help you get both of those things at once.

Play-In Stage Pick’Ems

There are two teams that will advance from the Play-In Stage, so the start to your Worlds 2023 Pick’Ems is easy. There are two pools, each of which will play until there are two remaining teams. These two teams will play for seeding, and will then be seeded into a miniature four-team bracket to determine who advances. Only one team from these pools will make it to the Group Stage.

Separately, in the Worlds Qualifier Series, the last seeds from both Europe and North America, Golden Guardians and BDS respectively, will face off. The winner of this match will go straight to the Group Stage as well. There are three possible contenders in our eyes for the advancement from the pools, GAM, PSG, and DFM. We’re predicting DetonationFocusMe to advance over the others.

For the WQS, we think BDS showed an overall stronger performance than Golden Guardians, though this series could go either way on the day.

Stay tuned to to keep your Pick’Ems going smoothly as the event progresses.

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