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How to watch the Fallout TV show for free

By Olivia Richman


Apr 8, 2024

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The Fallout TV show comes out this weekend and you can watch it for free.

Fans of the apocalyptic sci-fi RPG Fallout have been anxiously awaiting the premier of the television adaptation of the gritty and witty franchise. Early looks at the show revealed an aesthetic and characters that appeared quite true to the video game as it followed a Vault Dweller leaving the safety of their Vault to explore a post-war world full of dangerous characters and monsters.

A recent trailer still didn’t reveal a whole lot about the plot, but it did show even more promising similarities to the game. It also showed Mr. Handy, Brotherhood of Steel, and a Ghoul. Even Dogmeat! From easter eggs to the same soundtrack, the trailer has fans hopeful.

How to watch Fallout for free

Skeptical if you’ll enjoy the television adaptation but want to watch a show inspired by your favorite game? You can luckily watch Episode 1 for free!

Fallout will be streaming on Amazon’s Prime Video starting April 11. If you don’t have Prime but want to check out the first episode, you’ll need to watch your favorite content creator’s broadcast of the first episode that same day.

Here are the streamers that will be taking part in the live viewing of Fallout’s first episode on April 11:

  • /Shroud
  • /BrookAB
  • /TheOnlyRyann
  • /DEERE
  • /CohhCarnage
  • /KingGothalion
  • /TheBronzeGirl
  • /DansGaming
  • /SweeetTails
  • /Elspeth
  • /Techniq
  • /Swiftor
  • /GassyMexican
  • /Tooniversal
  • /bloodyfaster

If you end up liking the first episode, you’ll need to check out the other seven episodes of Season 1 on Prime Video. This will require a subscription.

Which Fallout is the show based on?

The Fallout TV show isn’t based on any Fallout game in particular. This means it’s not directly related to any of the stories behind the games you played. It will most likely take elements of all the Fallout games, since they take place in a similar time period just in different parts of the United States.

Who is starring in Fallout?

Here are some of the actors starring in Fallout:

  • Ella Purnell – Lucy
  • Aaron Moten – Maximus
  • Walton Goggins – The Ghoul
  • Kyle MacLachlan – Overseer Hank
  • Michael Emerson – Wilzig
  • Matt Berry – Mr. Handy


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