Who is Yujiro Hanma? The strongest character in all of Baki

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Every anime needs an overpowered villain, the Baki series really pushes the limit with Yujiro Hanma.

Good anime villains can provide entertainment for an arc or two, but the greatest antagonists can sometimes wind up more iconic than their goody-two-shoes opponents. Ask any Baki fan and they’ll confirm that Yujiro Hanma falls into the latter category. “The Ogre” is stupidly strong, able to eclipse every character in the setting while still setting up an exciting final showdown with Baki.

Whether you’re cruising through the original manga or binging the newest season of the anime, here’s everything you need to know about Yujiro Hanma, the main villain and strongest character in all of Baki.

Who is Yujiro Hanma in the Baki series?

Yujiro Hanma is the father of series protagonist Baki Hanma. He is the overarching antagonist of Baki, though his role in the story is somewhat more complicated than that.

Yujiro is Baki’s father, but he’s not exactly nurturing toward his son. Yujiro married for the specific purpose of fathering a child he could fight against, and Baki’s childhood was, to put it lightly, brutal. Yujiro kicks off the series proper by murdering his own wife, setting Baki down a path to revenge. The entire series is set up to grow Baki into a potential opponent for Yujiro.

Yujiro Hanma Baki anime

However, their relationship is not always adversarial. The two respect each other for their fighting prowess, even occasionally teaming up to take on certain threats. In the Raitai Tournament saga, both Hanmas team up to represent Japan and even share a heartfelt high-five after Baki’s decisive victory.

What is Yujiro Hanma famous for?

Yujiro is far and away the strongest character in all of Baki, having never lost a fight onscreen or off. While some characters could reach his level in the future, the series has repeatedly demonstrated Yujiro’s insane strength and otherworldly combat skills.

His feats are numerous, with the list below showcasing just a sample of his ludicrous abilities and privileges.

  • Can smoke an entire cigarette in one puff
  • Can beat rock with scissors in rock-paper-scissors
  • Can run so fast it breaks his shoes
  • Can eat at prestigious restaurants without a reservation
  • Can disrobe women by looking at them
  • Destroyed a rampaging elephant that had previously defeated a modern military
  • Imagining being hit by Yujiro can cause earthquakes
  • Is seemingly immune to sharp objects, including swords
  • Once forgot how to bleed
  • Remained conscious during his own birth
  • United States presidents sign personal peace treaties with him 

He also boasts the “Demon Back,” a technique where he flexes his back muscles so hard that they look like a demon. The Demon Back is rarely seen, but it’s a sign that Yujiro is actually taking a fight seriously. Baki has learned how to use the Demon Back technique, though he rarely employs it, claiming it is an unfair advantage in direct combat.

Yujiro Hanma Demon Back

Ultimately, Yujiro is famous for being absurdly overpowered in his home series to the point where any other fighter can only be second place at best. The world of Baki is full of insane martial artists, but nobody comes close to Yujiro. His sheer presence makes him a great overarching antagonist for the long-running series, and Baki may one day grow enough to pose a threat to him.


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