How to vote now for which LoL champion should be updated

By Nicholas James


Jan 10, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games has revealed the champions who are candidates for its yearly rework update to the most poorly-aged members of the League of Legends roster ahead of Season 12.

The candidates for 2022’s poll are Tryndamere, Skarner, Shyvana, Kog’maw, and Nocturne. Each of these has its own issues that have developed over the years, but some are in more dire need of an update than others. Votes can be made through the League of Legends client.

Shyvana and Nocturne return to VGU poll

Shyvana and Nocturne are two returning candidates for the visual gameplay update who both desperately need an effort to modernize their looks and kits. Shyvana’s fantasy of a powerful warrior who transforms into a fearsome dragon has not held up in recent years. She’s either an underwhelming attack damage bruiser who pales in comparison to such peers as Viego or Gwen, or a squishy burst mage who uses her dragon form to get into position to attack enemy lines from afar. Neither of these consistently conveys Shyvana’s thematic, and her human form is a linear kit with minimal utility.

Nocturne has fallen behind League of Legends’ other demonic champions. Nocturne’s visuals have not aged well and he’s in immediate need of at least a visual update. The darkness-bringing demon fantasy could bring a lot more to the game than it currently does, where Nocturne is feast or famine in whether or not he can blow up an enemy and is largely dependent on his trademark ultimate ability.

Both made their return this year and are among the most likely candidates, with Shyvana coming second to the upcoming Udyr rework in the last poll.

New champion candidates for VGU

Tryndamere, Kog’Maw, and Skarner round out this year’s candidates for 2023’s VGU rework update. Tryndamere’s passive critical strike chance is frustrating, Kog’Maw has slowly lost his hyper-carry identity, and Skarner is just plain weird. Each of them have reasons to need a rework, but players may not find their need as pressing as Shyvana and Nocturne’s.

Kog’Maw might lose his long-range artillery fantasy, and AP possibilities with a rework that focuses back in on his ability to solo carry a fight with the right support. The winner for this poll as well as the theme vote will be announced sometime later once Riot is prepared to share more information on the next champion it will be udpating.


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