New LoL cinematic about Pantheon, Kai’Sa drops for season 12

By Nicholas James


Jan 7, 2022

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Riot Games has released a canon cinematic ahead of League of Legends season 12’s start called “The Call”, which depicts many champions’ in-world struggles while building hype for the new ranked season.

The Call” cinematic depicts Pantheon’s climb up Mount Targon, Sejuani and Olaf’s battle against Volibear’s followers, and Kai’Sa and Taliyah battling Rek’Sai. All of these stories have canonical implications, mostly based on stories published in the last year.

LoL canon cinematic highlights Kai’Sa and Taliyah for season 12

The cinematic begins with Ornn forging a blade in his mythical domain before cutting to Sejuani and Bristle walking towards an icy gorge, followed by Olaf and other members of the Winter’s Claw tribe.

As they approach the crag, the scene cuts to another region of Runeterra. Olaf and Sejuani are trying to battle Volibear’s followers “The Lost” in order to retrieve Ornn’s cauldron, a magical artifact that was once stolen and that could feed their entire tribe.

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The next champions seen are Kai’Sa and Taliyah, two Shuriman-related champions who have recently teamed up in the short Universe story “Hollowspun”, which covers the two outcasts becoming fast friends and dealing with Void-related infestations in Shurima. Kai’Sa and Taliyah stand before the ruined statue of the Ascended warrior Xolaani, depicted in another earlier short story “The Faceless God.”

At the end of that story, a void swam overruns the village of Xolan, where Taliyah and Kai’Sa are pictured. As they approach, something burrows through the ground behind them. Xolan seems to be being used as way to introduce the Void’s hive queen.

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The cinematic then cuts to a brief view of Atreus, or Pantheon, the Aspect of War. Atreus is climbing Mount Targon after the death of his celestial Aspect, hence the scarred shield. He looks to the peak and the cinematic cuts back to the Freljord. Olaf exchanges a glance with Sejuani as she hesitates before the mouth of the gorge, at that moment Volibear’s Ursine followers arrive, bedecked in grim decorations.

Then, Atreus arrived at a Solari portal that seems to lead most of the way to the summit of Mount Targon. Five Solari warriors emerge from behind pillars to stop Atreus as he plants his spear in the ground. Back in Shurima, Taliyah and Kai’Sa are ambushed by void monsters that they quickly dispatch. Before they can rest, the ground begins to collapse beneath their feet.

Sejuani and Olaf begin to do battle with the Ursine, as one of them channels lightning into the sky to reveal the enormous spiritual form of the Freljordian god himself, Volibear. Back on Targon, Atreus does battle with the Solari guards with only his shield, unwilling to kill his people on his journey back to Targon. As one would expect from the Aspect of War, Atreus dispatches with them easily.

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As he relaxes, a burst of sunlight slams into him from the sky and Leona arrives, ablaze in holy fire. The aspects are evenly matched until Leona steps aside and a falling star pulverizes Atreus off of the cliff.

It’s unclear if these stars are just bad luck, or if the bright light is meant to be channeled by Diana or another Aspect as we don’t see them on screen. Atreus is seen, battered and on his knees, at the base of the enormous mountain. The defeat is plain to see on his face

Kai’Sa and Taliyah tease new jungler in “The Call”

The enormous sinkhole near Kai’Sa and Taliyah turns out to be the work of Rek’Sai getting ready to surface. The terrifying tremor-sense jungler bursts through the sand, showing off her enormous scale in canon. As she emerges, Kai’Sa leaps into the air and begins emptying void-missiles and blasts of purple energy into the monster.

She angles herself to fall back down the sinkhole, forcing Rek’Sai to follow her towards the purple energy of the void and away from Taliyah. It’s possible this sinkhole leads directly to the Void, and Kai’Sa may be making her return to the horrifying plane she once escaped.

Atreus kneels, exhausted, as the stars pass by him in the sky. Sejuani takes her flail to the Ursine, battering them aside. Atreus gathers his strength and celestial energy begins to swirl around him as he stands up. Then Atreus launches into the sky, showing off the in-world look of Pantheon’s Skyfall ultimate ability.

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Olaf rips through Ursine as Sejuani remounts on Bristle and freezes several of Volibear’s followers in true ice. As she smashes through them, shattering them to pieces, we get one last glimpse of Ornn finishing the sword he has been forging. It seems that the reclusive demigod may be taking a more active part in the Freljordian people’s conflict with his brother before “The Call” fades to black.


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