How to plant the Spike with Gekko without dying

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 13, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Gekko is your latest initiator in Valorant — and he’s too good. Why? Besides instant death, Gekko can also plant the Spike. 

Valorant agent 22 Gekko is overpowered, which has been established during the short time of his release. Moshpit delivers instant death, his Dizzy is undodgeable, and his ultimate is a Skye-Killjoy combination. Besides, Gekko can plant the Spike without stepping into the line of fire. Wingman is just too cute and deadly. 

Gekko comes with a sidekick dubbed Wingman. The tiny penguin can stun, gather intel, plant, and defuse the Spike. Just one creature in Gekko’s toolkit bolsters his pick rate in ranked queues. If you’re curious how precisely Gekko plants the Spike with Wingman, continue reading!

How to plant the Spike with Gekko

Gekko Valorant

Wingman is Gekko’s pocket support to plant the Spike when teammates are busy fighting. Here’s how you can do it as well:

  • Press Q to equip Wingman
  • Get into a safe position far from the bomb point
  • Make sure the Spike area is within your sight
  • Aim at the desired spot while equipping Wingman
  • Press right-click and release Wingman when the Spike marker turns purple

Wingman will saunter towards the site through the safest route and plant the Spike. However, he’s not invincible. Wingman has 100 Health, so make sure you protect the little guy from the defenders. It’s also worth picking the Globule back up to reuse Wingman post-plant. 

If you’re looking to defuse, here’s what you need to know: 

  • Equip Wingman
  • Get into a position where the activated Spike is visible
  • Aim at the Spike while equipping Wingman
  • Alt-fire to release and defuse the Spike.

The same rule goes here as well. Protect Wingman to win the round successfully. You may also use Harbor’s Cove to ensure Wingman’s safety while you take down your enemies. 

Here are some other tricks you may use Wingman for: 

  • You may pick up weapons from across the map after clutching a one-versus-one while Wingman defuses. 
  • Have Wingman defuse half the Spike to waste enemies’ utility and save time in a one-versus-one with a post-plant agent like Viper. Then, defuse the other half when Wingman expires
  • Make sure you always re-pick the Globule after Wingman expires