How to make the perfect Snowboy in Animal Crossing

Olivia Richman • December 14, 2021 12:20 am

The weather outside is frightful, so stay inside and hang out in the festive world of Animal Crossing this season. You can create a perfect snowman in Animal Crossing to get some great rewards. But making the perfect snowman, or Snowboy as they’re called in-game in Animal Crossing, can be pretty tricky. Here is how to do it.

When can you make a Snowboy in Animal Crossing?

In the northern hemisphere, villagers can make Snowboys from December 11 to February 24. In the southern hemisphere, Snowboys are a thing from June 11 to August 24.

Here is how to make the perfect Snowboy in Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing may be a simple and relaxing game, but making a Snowboy has some very specific instructions to keep in mind. Here is everything you need to know to in order to ensure your Snowboy is perfect so you can get some winter-themed rewards.

Step One: Find two snowballs

Unlike a traditional snowman, Snowboys are only made of two snowballs in Animal Crossing. You’ll have to find two snowballs somewhere on your island to get started.

Keep in mind that snowballs are found near each other, whether they are both on the ground level or both on a cliff area.

Step Two: Make the snowballs larger

In order to make a snowball the right size, kick it 13 times. Kicking a snowball will roll it, causing it to gather more snow and become larger. Once it reaches the right size, you’ll be able to roll it further using your hands. The top and bottom snowball will need to be different sizes to make a Snowboy.

If you want to make your snowballs smaller, roll them around in an area without any snow. This will remove snow from your snowball and decrease its size.

While rolling your snowballs larger, watch out for inclines. Like snowballs in real life, snowballs in Animal Crossing will start to roll faster when on a hill and you won’t be able to control them.

Step Three: Combine the two snowballs

Once you have two snowballs that are the right size, roll the smaller snowball into the larger snowball. This will automatically form a Snowboy.

Important tips for building a Snowboy in Animal Crossing

You can only build one Snowboy a day so it’s important to ensure that your attempt is spot on. Here are some things to keep in mind when building your Snowboy.

  • Lose a snowball? Destroy one? You can enter and exit a building to make a fresh snowball appear.
  • Use the camera app to help measure your snowball. The large snowball should be as tall as your villager’s ears. The smaler one should be as tall your villager’s chin.
  • Don’t forget to watch for dung beetles. They can roll snowballs behind your back!

Rewards for building a Snowboy in Animal Crossing

When your Snowboy comes to life, you’ll get a lot of cool rewards.

The first time you build a Snowboy, you’re guaranteed a recipe. But the next time you make a Snowboy you will be judged on how well it’s built before you get any further rewards.

If you build a Snowboy with the right proportions, the Snowboy will come to life and hand you a DIY recipe. The recipe is from the Frozen series. You will also get a Large Snowflake. This material can be used to craft items from the Frozen series. If your Snowboy is not made with the right proportions, you will not receive a DIY recipe.

You can get a Large Snowflake every day if you build the perfect Snowboy every day.

The first time you build a Snowboy, you’ll unlock the Nook Mileage activity, “Snowmeastro.” If you make 20 perfect Snowboys, you will reach 1,000 miles and win the title of “Cool” or “Imp.”

How long does a Snowboy last in Animal Crossing before melting?

Snowboys will last a total of four days, but they start melting on just the second day.

Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4
Snowboy Day 1.pngSnowman Day 2.pngSnowman Day 3.pngSnowman Day 4.png
Source: Game8

If the Snowboy is the perfect proportions, it will give you a Large Snowflake each of the four days during which it melts. You can build one Snowboy per day, meaning you can have multiple Snowboys active on your island. You can have a maximum of four Snowboys at any one time.


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