War Dawgz Player Card

How to get the War Dawgz player card in Valorant for free

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 12, 2022

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Mortal enemies Brimstone and Breach rarely band together. So players may want to grab the War Dawgz player card now, as this might be the last time the rival agents are pictured in one frame together.

Breach is a bionic criminal who doesn’t get along with Brimstone, a man of principles. Despite their familiar appearances, the two men don’t often see eye to eye. Since their kits blend well together, they are frequently spotted together in game-winning agent compositions. But they seldom appear as a duo in Valorant lore due to their antagonistic history. 

Developer Riot Games has rolled out a unique player card that showcases the two agents as a tandem. The War Dawgz player card is now available for free in Valorant.

The new card is in the same beat as previous comic art released with the map Pearl. The developer has added a comic book shop on the Omega Earth map, where residents are celebrating the bravery of the Valorant agents. The action-packed cinematic showcases Reyna, Killjoy, and Neon stepping into a comic bookshop in the fantastical utopia of Pearl. Many instantly fell in love with the agent cutouts and posters in the shop, so Riot made them obtainable in-game.

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Players had spotted a unique Brimstone and Breach poster in the shop that was never released as part of the comic art collection. The developer has now announced it as a free player card in Valorant. Here’s how to get it. 

How to get War Dawgz player card in Valorant

Some in-game goods in Valorant are tough to unlock. Some are very scarce, such as the Riot fist bump. But this player card is a free treat for all. The War Dawgz player card will be available to all Valorant players at no cost. All you have to do is:

  • Log in to your Valorant account
  • Click on the collection tab 
  • Select the weapon you want to customize
  • Click the “buddies” tab
  • You should find the new War Dawgz player card buddy here.

Equip this gun buddy with your favorite weapon skin. The card is available for all, but players must log in to obtain it in time. The free banner will disappear on August 19, so make sure you queue up a game before that to enjoy this rare addition. 


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