What’s the Valorant Crossover event pass? Here’s how to get it

Fariha Bhatti • June 22, 2022 1:58 pm

Countdown to Episode 5 has begun, bringing more reasons for players to be excited about this particular act. Riot has introduced a new crossover event for Valorant, meaning more gift items! 

New Valorant episodes aren’t exactly a picnic for the players. Competitive players often sweat bullets at the beginning of each episode due to the rank reset, which is pretty much a roll of the dice. However, the new act also brings a ton of exciting items. Crossover pass will have players look forward to something positive after cutthroat rank sessions. 

Riot has introduced Valorant’s first-of-its-kind event in the Crossover pass. Using this pass, players may earn items free of charge. 

How does Valorant Crossover event pass work? 

The Valorant Crossover event pass is available for free. It starts on June 22 and runs through July 12. Players can unlock cosmetics and cards just by playing games. 

The new action-packed cinematic showcased Reyna, Killjoy, and Neon stepping into a comic bookshop set in a fantastical utopia, Pearl. Many instantly fell in love with the agent cutouts and posters in the shop, so Riot has made them obtainable in-game. The latest Crossover event pass is likely a nod at the Omega earth agents that the residents within the underwater city idolize. 

What is the Valorant Crossover event pass? 

Valorant Crossover pass runs for three weeks and has plenty of items, including player cards, titles, and more. 

Players can unlock seven levels to acquire all the items by playing the game for three weeks. The pass includes two titles: Dimensional and Double Agent. It also introduces a new way to gain some extra Radianite points.

The free event rewards players with 20 points to upgrade their weapons. However, the player cards are surely a show-stealer. The three player cards feature the following agents.

  • Shadow Walker – Omen
  • Friendly Fire – Killjoy & Raze
  • Valorant Legion – Cypher, Brimstone, Viper, Omen, and Killjoy

All of this can be acquired for free within the first weeks of the act. So, players may want to hurry up and reactivate their Valorant accounts in order to cop the prizes. Since this is a limited-time event, these cards are worth getting as they won’t become available again. 

What’s new in Valorant Episode 5? 

Valorant Episode 5 will bring a new ranked season and battle pass alongside the new map Pearl. The most significant change is the new rank badge dubbed Ascendant that divide skilled players into different brackets. 


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