You might get a rare Valorant gun buddy if you find a Riot dev

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 30, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant’s most coveted cosmetic, the Riot fist bump buddy, isn’t completely unobtainable. There’s an easy way to grab it but it involves a lot of communication. 

Tiny gun buddies are Riot’s crack at weapon key chains that come in cute colors and designs. While they’re comparatively cheaper to get hold of, only a few can equip the Riot fist bump gun buddy. However, an employee at Riot Games has revealed that anyone can get this valuable item by being a “good sport” in Valorant. 

“We often give them (fist buddy) to players that are naturally being good sports and making the game fun for their teammates,” RiotPaddo said.

The number of toxic players in Valorant has increased recently and devs take small measures to ensure a community standard. Riot Paddo revealed that it’s pretty common for the “Rioters” to give away these items to good teammates they queue up with. 

How to get the Riot fist bump gun buddy in Valorant

There’s no simple way to get the fist bump buddy but you might be able to get one if you queue up with a Valorant developer and keep positive energy in the lobby. Most recently, an employee at Riot gave away the fist bump charms to players for simply being wholesome in an unranked game during his lunch break.

“Sometimes people are going through stuff or are immature and make things less fun for people. My hope is that positive interactions like this in just a small way can lead to players being more positive in all their games whether it’s Riot’s or not,” Riot Paddo said. 

The developer also revealed that Riot’s internal Play Programs employees often get into random matches to analyze the game. So there is always a good chance you are playing with one and don’t know it since not all of them have Riot tagged in their names. Thus, you may want to stay positive in all your games if you’re hoping to bag a fist gun buddy. 

What’s a Riot fist bump buddy in Valorant? 

The fist bump buddy is the rarest in-game cosmetic in Valorant. This item is only set for Riot employees who may give them away to their chosen players if they fancy. It’s a hot commodity in Valorant due to its exclusivity and official status, which is why players are always finding ways to grab one. 

Skins aren’t the only way of customizing your weapons. Gun buddies are much cheaper to grab and they can add a fun touch to your guns. Players can equip these tiny charms by either working through the battle pass, buying them in skin bundles, or completing agent contracts. Each agent has unique buddies within their contract, driven from an aspect of their personality or lore.