How to get Prestige skins in League of Legends

By Nicholas James


Feb 5, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Prestige skins are League of Legends’ biggest flex alongside Mythic skins. Looking to add some to your collection? Here’s how to get Prestige skins.

Right now Prestige skins are craftable through Prestige Points collected from Event Passes and in-client events. This will be changing later this year with the Mythic Content Overhaul that Riot Games has announced, here’s the process for collecting a skin before the update.

How to get Prestige Skins in League of Legends

Prestige Points are the currency most often used to collect League’s rarest skins. Prestige points are most commonly earned by purchasing an Event Pass for a given event during a year and completing the pass to collect all the rewards. Along the way, passes will grant Prestige Points that can be viewed in your Collections tab in the League of Legends client.

It takes 100 Prestige Points to unlock a skin in the Prestige Shop. The points can also be redeemed for loot bags and other rewards like wards, borders, icons, and more. Some Prestige skins have been tied to specific Event Pass currencies where the exact price in tokens has varied.

Recent Riot seems to have settled on pricing Prestige Edition skins in the Event Shop at 2000 event credits. Some skins like Firecracker Vayne in the Lunar Revel 2019 Event Shop and K/DA Akali in Snowdown cost less at 1000 Lunar Revel 2019 tokens and 1800 Snowdown tokens. 2000 credits seem to be the standard price for a skin that Riot Games is setting.

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Will the Mythic Content Overhaul change the price?

The upcoming Mythic Content Overhaul will change how both Prestige and Mythic skins work, like Hextech skins and Dark Star Cho’Gath. The separate currencies will be consolidated into a single new currency called Mythic Essence.

Mythic Essence looks to follow the loot and leveling overhaul which introduced Blue Essence for champion-related purchases and Orange Essence for cosmetic options. When it was first previewed, the system looked to give fans fewer rewards, but Riot is reexamining that at the current moment.


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