Sgt. Winter Fortnite

How to find Sgt. Winter and Krampus in Fortnite

By Olivia Richman


Dec 24, 2023

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Fortnite’s holiday event is underway. Winterfest 2023 has a bunch of free rewards, holiday challenges, and some interesting characters to encounter on the map. This includes Sgt. Winter and Krampus in Fortnite. Here is where you can find them.

Where to find Krampus in Fortnite

When you drop into a match, check out the bottom of the map, and you’ll see a location called Cliffside Lodge. It’s one of the most southern parts of the land.

When you land there, you’ll come across Krampus. As expected, he is not the most friendly NPC on the map, and he’ll actually try to kill you with a Pickaxe. Grab one of the Slurp or Slap Barrels in the area and start taking Krampus down from medium or long range.

Once you defeat Krampus, he leaves an Epic chest behind. This will get you some good loot. Defeating him also completes a Winterfest challenge.

Krampus Fortnite

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Where to find Sgt. Winter in Fortnite

Sgt. Winter is Fortnite’s version of Santa Clause. And just like Santa Clause, you’ll find him in the northernmost location of the map in Winterburg, which is basically the North Pole.

Unlike Krampus, Sgt. Winter is very friendly. When you land on the island, Sgt. Winter will greet you and then drop a giant gift. Break it by damaging it and step inside. This will not only get you a useful item but will complete another Winterfest challenge.


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