Big Bang Eminem

How to get the Marshall Magma Eminem skin in Fortnite

By Olivia Richman


Dec 1, 2023

Reading time: 1 min

Will the real Slim Shady please get a victory royale? Eminem is in Fortnite, bringing an abundance of cosmetics to fans of the rapper. Now, a special outfit, the Marshall Magma skin, is coming to the Big Bang event. Here’s how to get it.

How to unlock the Marshall Magma skin

You will need to purchase or unlock the Marshall Never More outfit in order to also unlock the Marshall Magma alternate style.

The Marshall Never More outfit features Eminem in a sharp black suit. You can purchase it in the Item Shop for 1500 V-Bucks or you can get the entire Marshall Never More Bundle, which came out during Season 4 of OG Fortnite.

It comes with five cosmetics:

  • Marshall Never More
  • Mom’s Spaghetti
  • Raven Express
  • Raven’s Stare
  • Axe ‘Bout Me

You’ll automatically receive the Marshall Magma alternate style during or after the Big Bang event concludes, according to Fortnite’s official socials. You will also need to attend the event.

When is the Big Bang event in Fortnite?

If you want to attend the Big Bang event and get the Marshall Magma alternate style, log into Fortnite on December 2 at 11 AM PST. You’ll need to have the Marshall Never More skin before this time.

The Marshall Magma skin will likely relate to the Big Bang event, similar to how other skins have worked during events in the past.


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