Helldivers 2 Major Order

New Helldivers 2 Major Order has gamers scared of Hive Lords

By Olivia Richman


Apr 30, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

The newest Helldivers 2 Major Order seems to confirm a fan theory that has been brewing for months.

The most recent Major Order has Helldivers players destroying the Terminid Control Systems despite previously working towards building it up. This is a bit frustrating since the Terminid Control Mission was a bit rough to complete — even almost impossible with randoms.

Since then, the Terminids have become immune to the bug spray that once kept them away. The current Major Order states that there have been Terminid “outbreaks” all over the Barrier Planets.

“The bugs appear to be showing resistance to Termicide,” the text read.

This comes as no surprise to many Helldivers 2 players since it’s been a theory for a while that the Termicide was going to be a problem later. The land was experiencing tremors that fans felt were from Hive Lords, a large worm-like creature that burrows into the sand and posed real challenges to players. Some felt that the Hive Lords would return once Termicide stopped working.

Is that happening now?

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Are Hive Lords coming to Helldivers 2?

The most recent Major Order demands that gamers destroy the Terminid Control Systems on Erata Prime, Fenrir 3, and Turing. This is not a surprising mission since players noticed that Terminid behavior was changing recently. Some even wondered if Joel was using Termicide to mutate the bugs, multiply them, or attract even bigger bug threats.

So is the Galactic Federation looking to bring in Hive Lords? It’s still just a rumor for now. Still, players are afraid since the size of the Hive Lords are quite horrific if their molts are this massive.

For the time being, players have to work together to restore order by taking down the Terminid Control Systems. Only time will tell what will happen after. But be ready.