How to complete all the Lunar Gala TFT quests

By Nicholas James


Jan 17, 2023

Reading time: 3 min

The yearly lunar new year event has come to Teamfight Tactics, which means tons of rewards if you make some visiting Tiny Tacticians happy, so here’s how to complete all the Lunar Gala TFT quests.

Riot Games brings a lunar new year to the League of Legends client every year, and that means a lunar festival for its auto battler counterpart, Teamfight Tactics. The biggest draw of the annual celebration for Teamfight Tactics players is a bunch of quests with free rewards for completing certain actions in the Convergence. This year there are five separate sets of quests to complete, each with its own rewards and options. Here’s how to complete all the Lunar Gala TFT quests.

How to complete all the Lunar Gala TFT quests

Like 2022’s quests, the 2023 quests can’t be found in the usual Missions tab. Instead, you’re going to have to navigate your way to them inside a new tab in the League of Legends client. In the top left of the client, click the TFT tab, which will take you automatically to the Battle Pass area of the TFT section. From there, just below the TFT tab that you selected, click the Lunar Gala button. This will take you to an interactive gala stage in which Chibi Annie will give you your first quest. From here, you’ll have to complete stages of quests to unlock the next Tiny Tacticians and more quests. Here are the stages of the quests and how to complete each one of them.

Phase one quests

An Explosive Errand – Claim an Underground heist of any level – Reward: For You! Emote

The first phase is easy, all it requires you to do is cash out an Underground heist, which can be done quite easily by leaving the Underground trait active long enough to get your first cracked safe, and then accepting the rewards.

Phase two quests

Anyone There? – Play one game of TFT: Monsters Attack! – Reward: 20 Star Shards

The second phase of quests is even easier than the first, just play a single game of TFT and you’ll move on to the third phase of quests, which is really the first proper set of quests.

Phase three quests

Crank It Up – Field the Hacker trait for 11 rounds – Reward: 20 Star Shards

5-Delivery Service – Star up Galio and/or Sivir five timesReward: 200 XP

Gift Gathering – Collect 60 Loot Orbs – Reward: 200 XP

A Mighty Wind – Field a two-star Janna or a unit equipped with Zephyr – Reward: 20 Star Shards

A Quiet Moo-Ment – Field Alistar and the Mascot trait at 4+ at the same time – Reward: 200 XP

Besting the Beast – Have a four or more round win streak for 3 total rounds – Reward: 200 XP

This is the first proper stage of multiple Lunar Gala TFT quests, but all of them are straightforward and easy to achieve.

Phase four quests

Get Your Song On – Build 40 completed items – Reward: 20 Star Shards

Lantern Lighting – Light the lanterns by maintaining a four or more round win streak for a total of 40 rounds – Reward 200 XP

Shine the Super Signal – Field the Super 3 trait and at least one Super unit at 3-stars – Reward: 20 Star Shards

Sett Up For Success – Field a Mecha Prime Sett – Reward: 200 XP

Clash of Clout – Acquire 150 total Fame stacks with Anima Squad – Reward: 200 XP

Dancing with Dragons – Win 30 PvP combat rounds – Reward: 200 XP

This stage is the most difficult, but several of them can be done over the course of multiple games by just performing well over the course of several TFT matches.

Phase five

A Festive Ending – Play a game of Fortune’s Favor – Reward: Lunar Revel Little Legends egg

This stage is incredibly simple, offering a free new Little Legend to players who managed to complete all of the Lunar Gala quests leading up to this point.


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