How to complete the TFT Lunar Legend Festival quests

Nicholas James • January 22, 2022 7:25 pm

Riot Games has introduced secret missions for the Lunar Legend Festival quests.

The quests don’t immediately appear in your missions tab, so here’s a reminder of what you need to do to complete them. From feeding Tahm Kench to building up a Colossus, there are lots of tasks to do to collect your gifts.

Lunar Legend Festival Quests: Part One

To first access these quests, head into the interactable Lunar Legend Festival event on the home screen where you’ll be able to speak to a variety of Little Legends/Tacticians to obtain quests from each one. There are dialogue choices for each Little Legend, but once you finish your conversation you can click on them again to see the specifics of each quest.

The first line of quests is as follows:

  • Feed Tahm Kench a 2-star or 3-star unit.
  • Upgrade 30 components by using the Scrap trait with individual components.
  • Open 30 loot orbs.
  • Reroll 30 times.
  • Put a 3-star unit in the Socialite spotlight. This can be done with any number of Socialite units.
  • End a game in high position multiple times. It’s unclear exactly what position the player needs to acquire to achieve this mission, but top 3-4 are the only sensible candidates. The game count is estimate to be between five and six.

After that, a second line of missions will open up:

  • Combine two of the same item into a compelted item twice in one game. This applies to items like Rapid Firecannon, Bramblevest, and others filling the criteria.
  • Choose one of the Celestial Blessing augments, this can be achieved at any tier.
  • Use Jayce as in his ranged and melee forms in the same game.
  • Play Mercenary 5 or 7
  • Active two Prismatic (the highest tier)
  • Have two separate 2-star Colossus units on the battlefield
  • Use Shroud of Stillness


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