How to change pronouns in Starfield

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 5, 2023

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Starfield lets you pick your pronouns at the game’s beginning, but you can also change them mid-game. Here’s how. 

Bigots had a full-blown meltdown when they discovered pronouns feature in Starfield. According to them, Bethesda is shoveling an agenda down their throats. Still, most of the community is happy with adding pronouns as it lets a spacefarer live their reality in an RPG game. 

You’re in the right spot if you’re wondering how to pick and change pronouns in Starfield. Here’s a brief guide on changing pronouns in Starfield

Here’s how you can change pronouns in Starfield

Starfield character and pronouns

In the beginning, when you create your character, Starfield automatically assigns you pronouns, which you can change afterward. However, if you’re dissatisfied with the selected pronouns and want to change them later, you can do that by hopping into the clinic. 

To change pronouns in Starfield:

  • Go to an Enhance! Clinic to select new pronouns. The first clinic is in the Commercial District of New Atlantis, on the Alpha Centauri planet Jemison
  • Once inside the clinic, speak to Warner Connell, the manager
  • Next, choose the option to use the clinic’s services
  • You must pay 500 in-game credits as a fee in exchange for the clinic’s services
  • You will be taken to the character customization menu. In this menu, you may change your pronouns, face, body type, skin tone, and more
  • The “Pronouns” option will have a total 3 pronouns: She/her, he/him, and they/them. Keep clicking until you find your preferred pronouns
  • Lastly, click “Finish”

This is the easiest way to change pronouns mid-Starfield. Players can do this at any point in the game. 

While some players have gone to extremes and uninstalled Starfield as a protest, this is a positive change for RPG fans who had to choose between the two pronouns. 

Starfield releases globally on September 6, 2023.


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