Doctor Strange Marvel Rivals tier list

The best characters in Marvel Rivals Closed Alpha

By Olivia Richman


May 20, 2024

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Marvel Rivals is the newest hero shooter that combines strategic ability combos with exciting teamwork dynamics, bringing heroes and villains together to fight for the W. But not every character on the roster is equal in power right now. Here are the best characters to play in the current Marvel Rivals meta.

This up-and-coming game is still in its Closed Alpha, but now gamers have a chance to try out the different characters on the ever-growing roster. While new characters are likely on the way, here are the best characters in the current meta based on the Closed Alpha experience.


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Hela is the best character in the game, no question. Hela is a Duelist that has incredible damage output, especially at long-range. She becomes even harder to target thanks to her mobility since she can transform into a flock of crows for more aggressive attacks or a quick escape. On top of that, Hela has an ability, Soul Drainer, that stuns opponents. People have been pairing her with Loki to make her even more powerful as she picks off the enemy team one by one.

Luna Snow

Luna Snow is a versatile character that’s easy to learn. Ice Arts allows her to do a lot of healing, and she has crowd-control abilities that can create exciting openings for her team. With Fate of Both Worlds, she can counter incoming ultimates, protecting her team while also moving around wherever needed with Smooth Skates.

Scarlet Witch

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Another powerful Duelist in Marvel Rivals, Scarlet Witch is very effective thanks to her ability to stun enemies and lock them in place. She can then take advantage of the situation by dealing massive damage. Scarlet Witch is capable of taking down the enemy team if she’s not dealt with.


Defensive players that play tanks in Overwatch 2 have been flocking to Groot, a Vanguard hero with 900 HP. He is very tanky but can also control the way the battle unfolds with his walls and abilities that hold enemies in place. When paired with Rocket Raccoon, Groot can also reduce incoming damage to keep enemies struggling.

Star Lord

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Star-Lord is easy to learn and has a versatile kit to play around with. His high damage output and ability to fly make him quite aggressive and fun to use. Star Lord isn’t the most interesting hero in the game but he is most definitely a top choice for straightforward damage dealers.

Doctor Strange

This Vanguard hero has good damage and mobility on top of his defensive capabilities, making him one of the best in this category. His Shield of Seraphim ability provides the team with a barrier that can take up to 800 points of damage. This circular shield is great for protecting the team while you’re on the objective once you rush there with his portal.


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