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Gaming community angry at Bethesda for adding pronouns in Starfield

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 3, 2023

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Restricted exploration and bugs during the testing phase aren’t players’ only complaints against Starfield. Streamers are bashing Bethesda for forcing the “LBGTQIA+ agenda” down their throats for adding pronouns in Starfield.

Recently, playtesters who bagged access through illegal means accused Bethesda of lying about space exploration. Instead of being able to travel through the endless space, players were hit with the “boundary reached” error. Some of them are also upset that the game has options to pick pronouns.

Popular streamer Herschel “Dr Disrespect” Beahm, who is permanently banned on Twitch, recently revealed that Bethesda turned down a sponsorship due to his alleged transphobic past. The streamer took to stream and said, “Now everything makes sense,” after looking at Bethesda’s head of publishing Pete Hines‘ X bio, which included he/him pronouns.

Streamer goes on a rant over pronouns in Starfield

Dr Disrespect isn’t the only streamer to be up in arms.

“Do you want to get immersed in our world? Yeah, well, guess what, f—ing pronouns,” he screamed. “F—ing gender ambiguity. F—ing current-day California shit because that’s all we f—ing know,” another anti-LGBTQ streamer HeelvsBabyface said on a live stream.


HeelvsBabyface is currently going viral for yelling at the top of his lungs at Bethesda for adding an option to change pronouns. According to the streamer, he just wants to explore the immersive universe, whereas the game shovels “dogshit, f—ing crap, ideologies” into everything.

Is Starfield woke?

Starfield does have an immersive universe that has close to zero bounds, and its customization options mirror the in-game exploration. They are boundless. Players can customize their character’s facial features, hair, and pronouns.

While the initial reaction to the unique customization option was positive, some negative feedback is now pouring in.

However, those in favor of the pronoun addition think that this time, the anti-LGBTQIA+ group is the “soft” one for reacting so harshly to a small addition that they have to do only once. Naysayers should just opt for a pronoun they prefer instead of yelling on a livestream, according to the community.


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