tactical timeout in Valorant

How to call a tactical timeout in competitive Valorant

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 15, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

High-stake Valorant matches require swift decision-making and mid-game calls. Tactical timeouts can help strategize and ultimately bolster your team’s chances of winning. 

The five-versus-five format of first-person games heavily relies on teamwork and coordination. Crisp aim alone can’t win games. Observing the enemy team and counter-strategizing is the key to gaining an edge in a competitive match. Especially in Valorant, where the utility can be tricky to comprehend. Fortunately, Riot Games has added a pause feature that may elevate your competitive performance.

Does Valorant have a tactical timeout?

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The ranked mode of Valorant currently doesn’t have a tactical timeout feature due to an extended buy period which is considered enough time to devise a sound plan for the next round. 

However, teams can call a timeout in a tournament setting or a custom competitive match. Riot recently introduced a timeout for tournament mode custom games, which may help professional teams take a breather in the middle of an intense game. 

How you can call a timeout in Valorant

Open your chatbox and type /to or /timeout to initiate a voting pause in the next round. Note that two tactical timeouts can be called per team each game, with each timeout lasting up to 60 seconds. Tactical timeouts freeze all player movements for the duration of the timeout.

For technical pauses, the standard pause match timer is still available, but players may not be allowed to use that option in all tournaments. 

When to call a timeout in Valorant 

A timeout can be called for many purposes, but it’s primarily used to whip up a fresh strategy. A team coach can help determine when to take a pause and reevaluate the current plan based on the enemy’s playstyle. 

Coaching is undoubtedly a critical element in competitive Valorant. It’s important not only for teams to achieve their best results in tournament settings, but also for individual players to make greater improvements. Platforms such as Metafy are helping Valorant players to connect to coaches who can elevate their games to the next level, the same way teams use coaches to better their performance in tournament play.

Making the right choices at both individual and team levels is critically important in Valorant. Tactical timeouts come in handy when teams want to take a breather and figure out a new strategy. Players may also utilize these breaks in action to fix up technical issues that may hinder individual performance. Mid-round calling is exceptionally tricky in Valorant due to complex agent abilities affecting the game’s pace. Small pauses can help players pull back and continue the game with the right plan in mind.

The two available pauses should be used intelligently, and that’s where a coach steps in. Valorant games are fast-paced, and players may sometime fail to make necessary decisions given the speed at which events unfold. A coach is better qualified to call a timeout and present a strategy that suits the current situation. Leave the tactical breaks to your team’s coach, just the same way that you trust your individual coach with your personal development as a Valorant player.

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