New leak says a timeout feature is coming to Valorant soon

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 18, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Riot’s tactical shooter has almost all the key ingredients of a great FPS title, but it still lacks a convenient timeout feature. A new leak says that the developer will soon add timeouts to Valorant. 

The hot new FPS game has attracted herds of competitive players with its fierce and energetic gameplay. While serious players enjoy the flair that agents bring to the game, Valorant still lacks many things crucial to an FPS game. One example of this is tactical timeouts. 

Typically reliable source Valor Leaks has confirmed that timeouts are in the cards and will soon be available in the game. 

Timeouts are a crucial element in any competitive game, whether tactical or technical. Tactical timeouts come in handy when teams want to take a breather and rustle up a new strategy. Players may also utilize a break to fix up technical issues that may hinder team performance. Currently, teams must continue the game even if a teammate has disconnected, which can be vexing in ranked matches. Players choose to commit to poor games with high ping just to dodge penalties, instead of taking a technical timeout and fix the issue.

The leak suggests that such imbalanced games may become scarce if the developer adds a timeout feature. Valorant players will be granted a short break by typing /to or /timeout in chat. The command will trigger a break, pausing the game for a short while. However, there is a maximum number of timeouts available for each team, and you cannot call multiple timeouts in a row. 

The exact timing for the update is unknown, but players should expect a timeout feature in patch 2.06 as recent notes dealt with ranked issues and fixed tons of bugs. The next update will likely focus on new additions to the game.

Can you call a timeout in Valorant?

Currently, players cannot call a timeout in Valorant and must continue playing no matter what. Fortunately, this may change soon as sources report that the developer is working on a new timeout feature to be added in Valorant. Leaks show that this could be coming soon.