How tall is Naafiri? The Shurima huntress explained

By Nicholas James


Jul 5, 2023

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The new Darkin hound assassin is full of mysteries, but there’s one question that many fans want the answer to: How tall is Naafiri?

Naafiri was a Shuriman Ascended God-Warrior, imbued with the power of the sun through the Sun Disc. After the war in Icathia and the assumed death of her emperor, Azir, Naafiri was driven mad like all the other Darkin. Traumatized by her fight against the void and empowered by dark blood magic, the Darkin went insane.

They were then sealed by the Targonian aspects in powerful weapons that could possess their wielder and hidden away. Naafiri is one such dagger that was seized by Shuriman desert hounds, twisting many into one enormous hound.

While League of Legends’ main focus is the gameplay, the champions are a huge draw thanks to their stunning designs and intricate backstories. This makes fans of the game wonder how old Naafiri is as well as their height and other background information.

How tall is Naafiri?

Naafiri herself is canonically approximately seven feet tall. Naafiri is the name of the twisted abomination formed from many Shuriman hounds merged with the Darkin dagger that carries her. This form is much larger than the rest of the hounds, as can be seen in Naafiri’s cinematic and in game.

Her size was confirmed by Stephen “Riot Raptorr” Auker, saying that she was canonically seven feet tall or just over two meters tall. And that’s just the height of her shoulders while standing on all fours — Naafiri would be much larger reared up on her hind legs.

For those that don’t understand this kind of doggo height measurement, Riot Raptorr has the solution with a funny and easy to remember mnemonic device. Naafiri’s shoulders are the approximate height of eight corgis stacked on top of each other.

Her Packmates, seen in her abilities to be much smaller than Naafiri, all seem to be the size of African Wild Hounds, which served as much of their inspiration. Naafiri is one of the more unique champion designs in a long time, the first true monster champion since Aurelion Sol.

If you want to try out Naafiri when she launches, check out our guide to how to hunt your prey best.


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