How much does the TI 2023 Aegis statue cost?

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The real-life Aegis reward has returned in the TI 2023 Compendium, but what’s the absolute minimum amount it will cost you?

One of Dota 2’s many time-honored traditions is the chance for fans to earn their very own Aegis of Champions as a reward for supporting The International. 2023 is no different, and Valve has already revealed what the newest tiny trophy will look like. In fact, this year’s souvenir is by far the cheapest it’s ever been, with only 300 levels needed to claim one. However, don’t think you can get it for free.

The stained glass theme for this year’s Aegis looks amazing, but how much do you need to shell out to actually get one?

TI 2023 Aegis statue

How much it costs to get the TI 2023 Aegis statue

If you’re looking to grab the TI 2023 Aegis for as little as possible, expect it to cost around $100 depending on free levels.

If you manage to luck out and get the absolute maximum amount of free levels and purchase the bigger starting pack, it’s possible to get the TI 2023 Aegis statue for as little as $70. This would involve buying the premium edition along with getting every last free level from the bingo card, Oracle’s Challenge, and fantasy, which would take an inhuman amount of both luck and skill. You’d then need to purchase eight level packs. This wouldn’t actually get you to level 300, but by allocating every single reward booster to the Aegis, you could claim it for cheap.

A much more realistic expectation would be around $100. This would allow enough wiggle room to miss out on half the free levels or so while still contributing 300 total points toward the Aegis. It should go without saying, but you’ll need to commit every last reward booster to the statue. You may miss out on some loading screens, but those have nearly the same resale value on the secondary market.


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