How many TI 2023 Compendium levels can you earn for free?

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The TI 2023 Compendium has given Dota 2 fans another chance to score an Aegis statue, but can you get enough levels for free?

The community reception for the new International Battle Pass replacement has been mixed, to say the least. The removal of cosmetics and a smaller pool of rewards will likely result in a minuscule prize pool, though there are still quite a few in-game souvenirs to pick up. If you’re wondering just how many free levels you can score for the Compendium, we’ve done the math to see just how much stuff you can score without spending any more than you have to.

How to earn the most free levels for the TI 2023 Compendium

We estimate the number of free Compendium levels to be about 159 for TI 2023.

The Road to TI challenge has eight months with six free levels to earn from each one, granting a total of 48 free levels. Each of the new bingo cards can grant up to 12 levels for a total of 36. The top 1% of fantasy players will earn 25 free TI 2023 Compendium levels, bringing the confirmed total up to 109. However, the numbers get a little fuzzy past that.

Dota 2 TI 2023 Compendium bingo free levels

The Oracle’s Challenge is most likely Valve’s new prediction system, which will involve fans calling various stats like the number of heroes picked, highest kill total, total rampages, and more. In previous years, this section has given up to 100 free levels, but the smaller scale of the battle pass will probably put it closer to 50 or so.

With that estimate, it may be possible to earn up to around 159 total free levels for the TI 2023 Compendium. Assuming you purchase the base starter package with six levels, that brings the total up to 165. That’s enough to unlock nearly all of the unlockable rewards with the major exception of the real-life Aegis statue. You’ll also miss out on a handful of loading screens from the event, though 165 should mean plenty of sticker treasures for players and teams.


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