How League of Legends Challenges work and what rewards you get

Steven Rondina • May 12, 2022 1:32 am

Riot Games is introducing a new way to earn rewards in League of Legends with its Challenges system.

Challenges were first revealed by Riot Games in November 2021. The new reward system serves as League of Legends’ replacement for the achievements and trophies found on platforms like Steam and the PlayStation Network. Riot stated that the system is made to be valuable to all types of LoL players, rather than just the usual missions for those who play regular and ranked matchmaking modes.

Challenges cover a wide range of gameplay facets and vary wildly in terms of difficulty. With each completed, players earn Challenge Points. Players collect points, rank up, and effectively compete with one another for ranks.

“Challenges are designed to provide meaningful progression to all League players—so not just Ranked ravagers, but ARAM aficionados, Clash contenders, and cosmetic collectors too. You can level up individual challenges from Iron all the way to Master. And if that’s not enough, once you’ve hit Master, many challenges also have their own Grandmaster and Challenger tiers,” Riot said on the official website.

Challenger rank works similar to actual ranked matchmaking. Only a certain number of players are included at a time, forcing hopefuls to grind to just keep their spot. Riot is likely hoping to rope casual players into the same sort of grind that ranked players find themselves in.

How to find Challenges in League of Legends

Challenges are found in League of Legends as part of the profile page.

The actual challenges are somewhat hidden in the League of Legends client. Players can find them by clicking the profile tab. On the profile page, “Challenges” can be selected, allowing players to see their progress and what’s currently available.

What are the rewards for Challenges in LoL?

The reward for completing Challenges in LoL is more customization options for the loading screen, as well as bragging rights.

While one might expect some glitzy rewards for completing tougher challenges or ranking up, there isn’t really much to speak of. The big addition to the game is a new portion of the player card during loading screens.

Players can earn special titles based on the Challenges they’ve completed. Alongside this, a new section to the player card is being added that will show off some of the Challenges players can complete. While this might not sound like much, Riot states that more is to come.

“As one notable callout, we’re working on a new lobby customization feature, tentatively named Banner Skins, that’ll come out after the initial Challenges launch. Among other things, Banner Skins will give you the option to more prominently feature your past rank,” the official announcement reads.


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