LoL Challenges, new loading screen coming to PBE

By Nicholas James


Nov 13, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games has been making an active effort to expand the level of achievement markers for players who aren’t interested in the ranked gameplay grind. The publisher gave players a look at the next step in a recent update post.

The latest in these are Challenges, a lifetime achievement system that will let League of Legends players show off their accomplishments. Along with changes to the loading screen, end-of-game experience, and even the scoreboard, the League of Legends client is getting a facelift in 2022.

Challenges are a simple concept, serving as League of Legends’ internal achievement system. From claiming neutral objectives quickly after their spawn to getting Pentakills, players will be able to track their in-game progress like never before.

Challenges will come in five different categories including Imagination, Expertise, Teamwork & Strategy, and Veterancy. Each category levels up as you accomplish relevant tasks in-game. Imagination focuses on unusual plays and optional game modes, Expertise rewards you for flawless play, Teamwork and Strategy reward exactly what the name says, and Veterancy tracks a player’s length of time playing League of Legends through various metrics.

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When are Challenges coming in League of Legends?

Challenges are set to arrive in League of Legends in early 2022.

Alongside the challenges, players’ post-game experiences will be getting a brand new look. The loading screen is getting a makeover to make it match League’s more modern aesthetics. The new loading screen will include unique player information like rank and relevant information on challenges when players click through the various faces of the profile card.

Finally, the end-of-game screen is getting some slight visual tweaks, but will continue to display all of the information players are used to, in addition to quick looks at titles and Challenges. Not all of the changes have managed to make their way to PBE just yet, and Riot will be slowly adding them as they build towards season 12’s launch.


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