Use this OP Viper setup to take control of A site on Bind

Fariha Bhatti • April 21, 2021 2:17 pm

The buffed up Viper is deadly on a map like Bind, where entryways can be choked with her poison. Learn this setup to annihilate defenders on Bind’s bomb point A. 

The latest patches to Viper’s kit have brought her back into the game’s meta. Omen heavily dominated the controller category, but the new updates and recent addition of Astra have added some variety for controller players. More players are opting for Viper in competitive games for her unique damage-inflicting smokes. On Bind, Viper can be a nuisance on the defence side, but she’s as just as toxic on the attack. 

The agent can singlehandedly help open Bind’s bomb point B with a combination of Poison Orb, Toxic Screen, and Snakebite. Here’s how. 

Dominate with Viper on Bind

Viper’s wall plays a crucial role in this setup. The wall creates a protective screen for teammates while the Spike is being activated. Simply aim at the middle of the brick at A short and lay down the wall to secure the default Spike area. 

Next, you need a smoke to block out the Tower. Stand at the left corner of the elevated area. Place your crosshair in the middle of the leaf’ crack, as shown in the image. Jump and release the device. 

Lamps is one of the common spots for defenders to hold and it’s also a difficult one to clear out. For this lineup, stand at the right corner and align your C ability’s mouse icon with the grey corner. To clear out crucial tight angles, you’ll need at least one molotov. Release the launcher to bite the enemies hiding at A short. 

If your team is doing an A short and showers split, you may want to add this bonus molotov to help your teammates come in from the other side. From the same position as last Snakebite, place your crosshair at the faint line in the leaf. 

Launch the molotov to burn out enemies hiding in the cubby under the Tower. 

This is how the setup should look like: 

This is a fool-proof setup for Bind point A that ensures site take every single time. The lineups block out Towers, A short cubby, and warrants a safe Spike plant. Due to the recent buffs to Viper’s toxins, it’s doubtful that enemies will push through her utility, making this an excellent setup for winning on map Bind. 


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