Here’s your first look at Fade, agent 20 in Valorant

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 18, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

After months of anticipation and blackmailing, the kidnapper of the Strike Team has finally been revealed as Fade. Fans now know what Valorant agent 20 will look like and how they will play. 

The crimson dossiers had ruffled the Valorant protocol to the point that the team had to organize an operation. With the help of Cypher, Brimstone lined up a Strike Team to pin the enemy down in Turkey and deliver her to Valorant headquarters. However, the mission proved to be a failure.

All five Valorant agents are locked up in a deserted warehouse in Turkey. But Brimstone did gain intel on this mysterious kidnapper. This allows the squad to remove the scary anonymity that Valorant agent 20 had enjoyed to this point. 

Fade is the complete opposite of recent additions of Neon, Chamber, and Kay/O. Her character has again highlighted the darker side of Valorant’s lore.

Who’s Fade in Valorant? Here’s what we know

As revealed by Valorant leaker ValorLeaks, the upcoming Valorant agent 20 codenamed Bounty Hunter is actually called Fade. She’s another Radiant character, joining the likes of Phoenix and Reyna. After much anticipation, the first look has finally been leaked by ChowZ.

The latest agent has a faded black nail paint and a purple outfit, adding some gloomy colors to the agent roster. It’s her chic hairstyle that has really caught players’ attention. Fade reps a Skrillex-style cut with faded black highlights. She’s likely the same agent previously teased in Neon’s loading screen. She also has tattoos similar to Reyna’s, so it’s safe to say that the two Radiants have something in common.

The leak also includes a strange monster that is likely one of her trailing creatures. Unlike Skye’s trailing tiger, Fade’s creature is on the scary side.

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“Bury your fears, or she will hunt them. Fade, Valorant’s new Turkish agent, stalks her prey with equal parts terror and tactics. Go ahead, try to hide,” Riot’s description reads.

According to her description and teasers featuring caged agents, Fade seems to have telepathic powers she can use to exploit the enemy’s fear. For example, Kay/O is holding a dead Brimstone in Fade’s warehouse. In lore, Kay/O and Brimstone were close chums before the latter lost their friend during a war. The other characters are also living their fears while in the kidnapper’s captivity, further confirming the theory. 

What are Fade’s abilities? 

Fade is equipped with a prowler, can follows trails, and can limit the sights of her enemies for three seconds. Her Seize ability tethers any enemies within its radius, while Haunt trails and debuffs any opposing players who dare to look at her orb eye.

More details on Fade’s agent abilities are expected to be released soon.