Turkey Operation in Valorant

Is Valorant agent 20 kidnapping other agents? Here’s what we know

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 13, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

Cypher may have found the upcoming Valorant agent 20’s location, but this may have landed him and the Strike team in a trap. The new teasers shows spooky visuals of Valorant agents locked up in Bounty Hunter’s warehouse.

Valorant has its fair share of dark agents who have seen horrible things in the past. Reyna, Omen, and Viper are a few who won’t blink twice before shredding dozens of enemies. However, Valorant agent 20, codenamed Bounty Hunter, is the deadliest Radiant so far. She’s terrifying and heartless and has possibly already abducted the informant. 

The latest agent teaser shows Cypher and Breach in Bounty Hunter’s captivity, leaving fans concerned about their favorite characters. 

What happened in Valorant Turkey Operation?

Brimstone recently reported that Cypher had done the impossible.

Tracking the untraceable Bounty Hunter had become a menace, leaving Cypher to carry out the task without assistance. The Moroccan intel broker pinned her down to Turkey. Upon Brimstone’s orders, the team initiated an operation in Turkey to hunt her down for good, but it seems to have backfired. 

New audio in Valorant’s practice range reveals that Cypher, Breach, Sova, Neon, and Chamber were hunting for the blackmailer under Kay/O’s charge. According to the audio, Bounty Hunter was hiding in some deserted warehouse. Unfortunately, Sova was the first one to reach the destination. Despite Kay/O’s orders to retreat, the agent drones into a creepy hallway, ultimately losing all contact with the protocol. 

After much back and forth, the team rescued Sova and ultimately apprehended the blackmailer. However, the Turkey Operation was likely a trap laid out by Bounty Hunter to take the Valorant quintet captive. The audio file ends with Breach deducing that it may be a trap since it was a blackmailer that led them into an abandoned warehouse. 

Cypher held hostage by Valorant agent 20

The audio ends vaguely, with Kay/O calling for a meeting. But Riot’s teaser suggests how the Turkey Operation ended. Cypher can be seen locked up in a creepy basement surrounded by TVs and speakers. Ominous noises echo in the massive room where Cypher is tied to a chair with some magical ropes.

Valorant agent cages Breach in a fiery cell

Cypher is not the only agent who’s landed in hot waters. Valorant’s official handle rolled out another teaser, featuring an angsty Breach slamming on the metal rods of a fiery cage. Same audio cues can be heard here. However, Breach’s cell is much different than Cypher. It’s surrounded with fire and weird shapes, adding to the mystery.

Breach and Cypher are likely not the only two characters locked up. The Bounty Hunter has possibly abducted all agents in the Strike Team. However, this theory clashes with Brimstone’s message to the protocol, stating that the blackmailer has been caught. 

“Word around headquarters travels fast, so I’ll cut to it: the recent threat to our security was a single, independent target. She was apprehended last night, thanks to the efforts of our strike team in Turkey, and is currently being detained,” Brimstone said. 

Bounty Hunter possibly sent a false notice to Brimstone since the pack leader sounded pretty confused himself, having not heard a word from the agents. If the strike team had actually captured the blackmailer, they’d instantly send her to the headquarters instead of detaining her in Turkey. So, it’s highly likely that five of the Valorant agents are now locked up in Turkey, in a spooky basement.

Whatever the case, Bounty Hunter has indeed spiced up the Valorant lore with her schemes. These speculations and theories will soon be confirmed in the next batch of agent teasers. Meanwhile, players should keep their eyes and ears open while playing Valorant. Valorant agent 20 may meddle with the mirror earth even further.