Here’s who Jerma is and how he became a famous Twitch streamer

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Jerma is now a famous name on Twitch, but he didn’t become a streaming star overnight.

Few of the streamers innovating on the field can hold a candle to Jerma985. The YouTuber-turned-Twitch-star has hosted everything from live wrestling events to interactive carnivals and even a chat-controlled life simulator. However, his absurdism has been slowly developing over more than a decade of content creation. Here’s how Jerma got his start and what led to his big break.

Jerma985 posted his first YouTube video in June 2011. The video consists of Jerma playing the Spy in Team Fortress 2 while commentating over the action. He quickly followed with several more videos, which had a much more serious tone than fans may expect. 

The first hint at Jerma’s absurdist sense of humor appeared in a 2,000 subscribers celebration video. Jerma attempts to thank his audience by cosplaying as the Scout and smashing cakes. Another person cosplaying the Engineer, later nicknamed “Burgah Boy,” interrupts him with pipework and is later pelted with the cakes.

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From those humble beginnings, Jerma branched out into other games including Minecraft, Binding of Isaac, Grand Theft Auto 4, and more. His content also took on a much more comedic tone. Jerma frequently collaborated with fellow future streamer Ster starting in 2013.

Eventually, Jerma’s YouTube channel broke out of its Team Fortress 2-shaped mold. The creator began posting vlogs, bootleg PC games, and fully custom WWE Royal Rumble matches. Most of his later gameplay videos involved fast-paced clips of gameplay interspersed with funny commentary. In a way, Jerma helped popularize the current default format for gaming videos.

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However, the Jerma YouTube channel that sparked his rise to fame has been inactive for five years. Jerma has stated that he wants to keep the channel as an archive of his previous content. He continues to upload original and streaming content on his alternate channel 2ndJerma.

Jerma pivots to Twitch, becomes famous internet sensation

Starting around 2016, Jerma began streaming on Twitch along with making YouTube content. His early broadcasts were moderately successful, averaging around 2,000 viewers for most of the year.

Jerma’s first big popularity boom came during the Jerma Carnival with a 12,000-viewer spike. That was later massively eclipsed by the Dollhouse stream in August 2021, when Jerma peaked at over 100,000 concurrent viewers.

These projects are a major source of new Jerma fans. The original Jerma Carnival stream let the chat play carnival games from home. The Dollhouse stream let chat play The Sims with Jerma as the unwilling player character. These ridiculous events pushed the boundaries of what streaming can be and are a big part of how Jerma got famous on Twitch.

Another major part of Jerma’s growth is his absurdism. His particular brand of humor has aged well, and his newfound resources let him take it to the extreme. From opening gift boxes filled with blood to letting chat take control of his body, Jerma has always been on the cutting edge. Jerma’s fan base is always eagerly looking forward to his next big project.