Chat will control Jerma in his upcoming “doll house” streams

Kenneth Williams • August 4, 2021 3:34 pm

Jerma985’s streaming shenanigans are already famous, but this next venture might be the wildest thing he’s ever done on Twitch. 

Jerma will be holding a “doll house” stream in August during which his fans will be able to control every aspect of the stream, including Jerma himself. He revealed the news during a recent broadcast session where he fittingly played The Sims. He later confirmed that he has partnered with Twitch and several other groups for the event and has been working on it for a very long time. There will be three IRL Jerma doll house streams on August 18, 20, and 21.

The exact details of the doll house stream are yet to be revealed. The only confirmed feature is that fans will be able to directly control Jerma’s own body through Twitch chat. How exactly this will be managed remains a mystery. There will probably be other things to control too, such as the house itself or other actors. In his own words, the doll house stream will be the biggest project that Jerma has ever done.

Empowering Twitch chat has been a key objective for several streamers. Jerma himself is a major proponent. In 2019, he hosted The Twitch-Controlled Robot Carnival which let users play carnival games using chat-controlled drones. Upping the stakes to a real human being is the logical extreme of integrating chat into a stream.

This won’t be the first absurdly themed event Jerma has hosted. Jerma surprised fans by suddenly streaming archaeology lessons from the middle of a desert. He later parodied the “hot tub meta” on Twitch by creating a terrifying swimsuit stream of his own. Jerma even converted his video game wrestling series Jerma Rumble into a real-life event nearly five years before Asmongold’s famous wrestling stream. Jerma’s enthusiasm for the upcoming doll house stream might hint towards an even bigger event than fans could anticipate.

Who is Jerma?

Jerma is a streamer and content creator best known for his wild on-stream antics and at times gullible persona. He’s known for pushing the envelope while parodying trends and popular video games. He also has a fanatical fan base.

Jerma began his rise to internet stardom by posting Team Fortress 2 video on this YouTube channel. He later switched to Twitch, where has amassed nearly 600,000 followers and peaked at over 47,000 concurrent viewers. Jerma is best known for his mix of Lynchian dread and surrealist humor. 


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