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Here’s the Valorant Episode 5, Act 1 and Pearl release date

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 16, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Episode 4 is coming to an end, which means a brand new map and a battle pass are on the horizon. Here’s the Valorant Episode 5, Act 1 release date, content, and more.

Riot Games has been generous with new skins and agents in recent acts. In Episode 4, Fade and Neon joined the flashy roster of Valorant, bringing kits packed with electricity and dark magic. However, players now want a change of scenery after battling it out on the same seven locations. According to teasers, Riot has developed a new map for the next episode. 

Valorant Episode 5, Act 1 promises to bring tons of exciting content, but when is it coming? 

Valorant Episode 5, Act 1 release date

Valorant Episode 5 begins with Act 1 on June 22. Episode 4 will conclude on June 21. 

Players still have a week left to grind their battle pass and get prizes before the season ends. Each Valorant episode renews players’ ranks based on their performance after five ranked games. Riot will likely pause all ranked matchmaking before the new episode begins to reset the ranks. Players will have to sit tight and wait for the new chapter to begin on June 22. 

What’s new in Valorant Episode 5? 

Valorant Episode 5 will bring a new ranked season and new battle pass, alongside the new map Pearl.

At the start of each episode, Riot refreshes the rankings and Episode 5 will continue that tradition, bringing all players a new ranked season. Players will get a chance to prove their mettle and earn the badge they think they deserve. 

Apart from the rank, the new episode will add a brand new map to the pool that hasn’t received an update in a while. The new map dubbed Pearl will add an oceanic touch to Valorant’s summery scenery. The underwater city will likely bring a new gimmick to set it apart from other Valorant maps. However, it’s confirmed that the map is set in or near Portugal.

Valorant data miners have also dug up the codename for the new skin bundle. The DemonStone skin line will also be released along with the next episode. It’s likely an exclusive collection that will feature skins for Operator, Vandal, Stinger, Shorty, and a Melee.