Rengar buffs and Tryndamere nerfs hit in LoL patch 12.06

By Nicholas James


Mar 25, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

A new small-scale Rengar update and Tryndamere nerfs headling the new patch coming to League of Legends, 12.06.

Previous balance patches have been notoriously light in recent weeks. This led to high-level players, community figures, and casual fans alike complaining that Riot Games’ lighter approach to balance tweaks was making the game stale. Will this latest patch change their tune?

Rengar buffs gives LoL’s cat another life

Riot can’t seem to decide how it wants League of Legends’ feline assassin to play, and a Rengar update in the newest patch preview looks to give him a few quality-of-life buffs meant to make him feel better. The first changes tweaking Rengar’s passive make him much more able to get the Ferocity stacks that he needs to succeed. Rengar now gains a point of Ferocity while leaping at 0 Ferocity if you haven’t gained Ferocity this way since you last hit 0 stacks.

The time it takes for the Ferocity stacks to fall off has been increased to 10 seconds, Bonetooth Necklace’s kill credit window has doubled, and his leap will go farther and be activatable later after leaving a bush. All of these changes mean Rengar will be leaping farther and more often than he currently can. A suite of changes to his Q will make it always count as a critical strike, with its damage increased by your critical strike chance. This ability will also apply to towers and will not consume its extra damage when used on plants.

Finally Rengar’s bolas no longer require a cast time while leaping, and will give True Sight of the enemy hit and the area around it for a few seconds. His ultimate will also grant True Sight of the nearest enemy and a small bubble of vision around them as well. These changes are meant to improve players’ experiences with Rengar and gently buff the predatory jungler. Given that Riot has tried numerous times to find the right balance for Rengar, there’s no telling how these latest buffs will be received.

Tryndamere nerfs slay barbarian king

Tryndamere has been a thorn in the side of top and mid laners for several patches now, and Riot is finally taking the time to nerf Tryndamere personally after his presence persisted through other system nerfs. Tryndamere will be losing cooldown reduction from critically striking on his spin, and his ultimate’s cooldown will be made longer at early ranks, forcing Tryndamere players to be more careful in its use.

These aim to decrease Tryndamere’s early-game threat while still allowing him to be a late-game split-pushing menace if he can survive long enough to reach his power spike.

Other system changes include a variety of item nerfs, as well as buffs for Azir, Darius, Jax, and Nidalee.


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