best crosshair in Valorant

Here is the best custom crosshair color for each Valorant map

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 2, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

A programmer used the power of math and science to determine the best crosshair color for each map in Valorant.

Crosshair shape and size are important, but color matters most. As long as the crosshair is the right size, the shape won’t have as much of an impact. For this reason, tactical shooter players can put together bizarre custom crosshairs but still be effective.

Conversely, color can make or break the game. The color palette of the seven Valorant maps varies wildly, which can make a crosshair blend into the background. This can impact reaction time, placement, and aim in general. A programmer has tinkered with the new custom crosshair feature, discovering the best color for each Valorant map. 

Programmer finds out the best crosshair color in Valorant

A programmer named useewhynot shared an informative thread on custom Valorant crosshairs. After recording himself in custom games on every map, he wrote a Python script to deduce the best color for each map. The programmer has shared hexadecimal numbers for all seven locations in Valorant. 


“Too many custom games and a quick Python script later, I came up with a list of crosshair colors that contrasted as much as possible with each map,” he said.

Here are the best crosshair for each map in Valorant:

  • Ascent: #00e0ff
  • Bind: #00a1ff
  • Breeze: #00ffdf
  • Fracture: #005bff
  • Haven: #0078ff
  • Icebox: #2aff00
  • Pearl: #ff1d00

According to useewhynot, cyan and yellow work for most Valorant maps except Breeze and Pearl due to their relatively unique locales. For this reason, players can use the custom crosshair that he’s whipped after detailed research.

The programmer collected enough data to find out the most prominent color in each map then inverted it and maximized the saturation. The whole process was much more complicated in practice, but it helped him find the perfect crosshair for each map. 

What’s the best crosshair color in Valorant? 

If you don’t want to switch color for each map, there’s one magic code that works for all maps. Just put #00b5ff into the color section of settings to get the shade that pops on all Valorant maps, including Breeze and Pearl.